metal opera-Bona Sforzy d’Aragona

metal opera-Bona Sforzy d’Aragona

The world theatres didn’t staged operas for hundred years. This leaded to the degradation of this genre. The producer collective of “Another World” explained the wishing to correct such situation-this is to create the modern opera.The first opera project from “Another World” became the play “Bona Sforzy d’Aragona” which based on the real events. In November 2009 out creative command began to write areas and development of the visual conceptions. In January 2011 the project was perfectly ready for the artistic election. After the long time of the hearings in June of the same year the first line-up of the company was formed but it had existed not so long. The part of the performers didn’t have done their duties and they decided to lose the troup in self way. The present line-on of the troup was formed in December 2011.At this month the troupe were invited for the surgeons of the picture “Seven miles to Heaven” where  had performed one of the early works of its compositor. In January 28 2012 was held the premiere of the 3 arias from the play. In quality of the guitarist-vocalist had performed leader and compositor – Fill. This rather successful debut had animated the participants of the project and attracted to him the society opinion. After a fue time at March 4th the debut audio record were recorded – the last aria from opera. As the result, the “Another World’ group had found its official name which coincided with the first published work - «BeyondAthanasy».
"Seven miles to Heaven" (2011)

Sound tracks:
Of 2011. "Bunny" (the film "Seven miles to Heaven")

The play “Bona Sforza D’Aragorna”


Timing: 80 minutes

Quantity of scenes::2

The format: metal-opera

Genre: mystic, vampire romantic

The type of drama: the play with the open final

The language of text: English can be changed)

Target audience: 13+… people of the different ages, sex, race and social belong. It amalgamates them once: the interest to art.


The subject


The subject is based on the legends about historical person-Bona Sforza D’Aragorna, the Italian from origin, the ruler of the Kamenets-Podilsk 9the territory of the modern Ukraine), she is the chief hero of the play. The history begins in the queen’s yard of the 16th century.

The Queen Bona Sforza wish to keep her youth, beauty, power and richness passionly. The Evil want to help her in this. He derives her soul moral virtues, giving to Bona the vampire immortality and the demonic power to her troops. The Queen is happy to the advantageous arrangement, as she thinks and she became the cruel vampire. She lives long and rich by events and wins life. Later Bona began understand that she is betrayed and Evil began to use her. Love which became for her beyond athanasy helps her to run away from despair but the power of the darkness killing her chosen one. The judgment day is come. Tide of the bloody queen’s pressure people preparing the set up against the ruler. Depressed by obscurantism and loneliness she doesn’t determine actions. The look of the great bona Sforza decomposes in ages…

The Play


The play is shut out from cruel, erotic and fetish scenes. The composition brings nobility and moral. Together with artists the metal-ballet and musicians are perform on single scene. Everybody from participants of the act is adding it because everybody brings the character lookThe special effects and the pyrotechnics are not used in the play. The emphasis is on artist’s play. The events are developing dynamic in the play.


The musical conception


The music of this metal-opera is the creation of the modern compositors. There is united the best musician creative’s and authority inventions. The vocal parties are performed in academically and extreme techniques.Genre: academic metal


The creating group


The best specialists and artists of the academic and vanguard arts of the CIF are labor at the creating of the play.

The author, producer-Marius Damer

Compositor, musical ruler-Fil

The concertmaster-Tamara Tsarenko

Ballet master -Taise Gontar’

The costumer-Irina Gergel’

Greasepaint director-Ludmila Saashko

Art director-Vladimir Pastushak

Sound manager-Anton Lisovsky


The cast
In the troop of the baying Athanasy are included singers, musicians and ballet. The participants for the collective were elected from the different districts of the Ukraine and they are the best performers of the young generation of the academic and the vanguard scene.


Creative Producer


cell.:  +380950159935,  +380931115481




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