Wave- vex Team Music Production Services

Wave- vex Team  Music Production Services

Wave –vex team is a musical project of young Hanoi-based recording artists and producers. With great enthusiasm and passion, we are willing to create music of various genres, remarkable audio experiences with high quality. Wave-vex is our new movement with the goal of approaching professional music production. We strive to offer you our best effort in making products that can ensure your satisfaction. If you have any musical needs, such as for recording, filming or advertising, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Whatever is your style - indie, pop, rock, folk, EDM, dance, house, chill or worship, we love creating and integrating the best sounds, hooks & instrumentals so you thrive as an artist, and your music connects with and impacts your target audience. We are a team of songwriters, producers, mixing/mastering engineers, graphic designers with marketing strategies. Whether for a record label, friends or self production – in every successful release there is a team well-experienced in the understanding of how music works and its roles in recording and knowing what listeners want .At THE WAVE-VEX TEAM we make sure you always sound your best so you are able to reach the people you desire to connect with.
We are passionate about making music that sounds and feels awesome…
Are you ready to take the steps from where you are to where you want to be?

Having collaborated with several individuals & groups, we can help you with composing, recording and achieving your musical dreams.

Wave-vex Team helps you with:

1. Songwriting/composing by genres
2. Composing soundtracks for personal projects
3. Selling
 beat, instrumentals, albums, etc.
4. Offering FREE music packs
5. Offering stems for remixes
6. Producing cover/remix/mash-up/mixtape
7. Collaborating with YOUR bands/projects






  • Compose:


Team members:
1. Hai XoAn (Leader/Producer/Song Writter)
2. Jason Nguyen (Producer/Song Writter)
3.Tru Dinh Vu (Guitarist/ Writter)
4. Sam Nguyen (Producer/ Composer)
5. Le Trieu Phuc (Producer)
6. Ha Linh (Singer)
7. Minh Toc (Song Writter/Guitarist)
8. Dat Nopro (Song Writter/Guitarist)
9. Ryan Duo (Producer)
10. Minh Hoang Cao (Keyboardist/Marketing Manager)


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