Gruesome-Savage Land

Savage Land
Relapse Records

Gruesome are one of the latest Death Metal brigades originating from California (USA) and exists for about two years on the scene. The deal behind the band is that the original formation is consisted of members generally having a fair share of metal experience by playing in many death metal bands prior to Gruesome’s creation. For example, the vocal and guitarist Matt Harvey has played in Gravehill, Repulsion, Exhumed and Exodus.

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Interview Ricky Rebel

Ricky Rebel, also known as Ricky Godinez had worldwide success as the lead singer in the pop group No Authority. In 2012, Ricky released his “Manipulator” LP that included music featured on the hit MTV animated series “Good Vibes” and was awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the 2012 RAWards. Ricky is currently in the studio to finish his new album, “The Blue Album”,so we contact him to give us some more details about his new release and his future plans.Here is the interview for subexistance readers.

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