Tearless -Step Into Darkness

Step Into Darkness
WormHoleDeath Records

 If you've desired for gothic metal music that not only radiates melancholy but also metal driven in melody, symphony and with strong guitar riffs, look no further than Tearless! They are a Croatian dark metal gothic band, presenting their debut album “Step Into Darkness” to the world. The artists in control of this band are: Zlatko Kušter (Guitar and vocals), Ivana Novak (Vocals), Miran Špičko (Drums) Filip Babić (Bass guitar and vocals), Siniša Godinić (Lead guitar), Rudolf Lovrenčić (Keyboards).

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Omega Lithium

 The vision of a reformed society's way of thinking. The agression of the distorted guitars, the simplicity of the electro beats, wrapped in a haunting atmosphere, and a rebellious point of view through it. Influenced by industrial, metal, gothic and rock, emerges a distinct sound that creates the passage through the ruined world of inner destruction....Here is Omega Lithioum.

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