Dj George Fakinos

Dj George Fakinos

In my opinion,George Fakinos is certainly among the best dj's I've heard. This was the main reason for this conversation in the first place. Being also a promoter and a music lover obviously,this discussion expanded into other territories as well.No need to add anything else.You can find out for yourselves,as you read this interview.

Hello there!Thank you so much for taking the time to answer to my questions..Let's start with something that I always wanted to ask you about:you have been playing as a dj,also promoting and organizing events for quite some time.How do you manage to combine all these activities and still retain some personal time?
Well, it might be a job,but at the same time it is a pleasure doing what i do.So it is not like i work in a slaughterhouse or in a bank and somehow i need to finish my job to escape.I love what i do, it’s the air i breathe. But yes, i always find some time for myself to relax.

You have been invited to perform as a dj in a handful of places around the world.Out of all these places,which one do you recall as being the most stunning experience of all,both in terms of intensity and also,performance?
I can’t really pick up one. Can i say three? So i’d definitely pick up Los Angeles and Das Bunker Club, as the audience was simply amazing (plus LA tends to be my favourite town in the world, along with London of course), then i’d choose London and Torture Garden Birthday Ball and Ljubljana, Slovenia, a beautiful city with beautiful people (these people love to stare at you intensely while you dj)

Some years ago,you selected the tracks for a compilation cd,that was released by EMI(entitled "Friendly Fire").What are your recollections of it today?Is this something that you'd wish to repeat in the future?
It wasn’t some years ago,it was a long time ago, back in 2003! That was something that EMI suggested to me back then and i said ok, as there was a point to do it back then. The concept was to include rare or previously unreleased tracks by famous bands (or not so famous, in some cases). Around that time came the explosion of free downloading and everybody could find everything on the internet, so even though Friendly Fire was quite successful and it sold out and although i had offers to compile another cd, i decided not to do it again. As the numbers and the whole situation proved people stopped buying cds, so  i believed (and i still believe) that there would be no point releasing another compilation when nobody bothers buying a cd. Sometimes i think i’m the only one these days who still visits record shops and still buys cds (what i’m saying is a bit exaggerating, but you got the point).

Back in the days when you started playing at clubs,which were the artists/bands that motivated you the most,inspiring you to get a step further,thus making music a primary occupation for your everyday life?
I don’t know how it sounds to you, but there was no band or artist that motivated me to get a step further. It’s always a restless voice inside me that makes me taking things a bit further. I always take risks.Sometimes the risks work, some other times, they don’t. But i never take the easy, safe path, because it’s so fuckin boring and not challenging at all.
I don’t make music. I am the tool between the artist and the people. I am the one who spreads and shares music with YOU.

One of your most known activities undoubtedly has to do with organising fetish events.How did you decide to engage yourself in such an attempt,in the first place?Moreover,what should we expect of you,concerning this type of themes,in the near future?
Since the days of Horostasio Club (1995-2002), the idea of organising fetish shows was there (especially when i visited Torture Garden London in the 90s), but back then i thought that people in Greece weren’t exactly ready to see/accept something like that. Also, i don’t think we had any proper clubs to host events like that. Plus, i was less brave and less confident, but one day that restless voice that we were talking earlier spoke again and the rest is history.
As to what you should expect from me about Fetish shows, Torture Garden will keep happening every year in Athens, the Greek Fetish Ball is very strong every time we do it presenting the best local performers and i will also enrich it with an unusual Fetish art exhibition, but i don’t want to tell you all the details now for obvious reasons. I always try to keep things fresh and exciting, for people and me.

Last year most propably marked a new beginning for Second Skin:a new location and a larger venue as well.Would you see that as an improvement?In other words,are you satisfied with Second Skin's current "edition"?Give us a small insight of planned events and other instalments that are about to occur during the coming season..
Leaving the other Second Skin location was something that we had to do, as a certain lovely guy ripped us off, so we had no other choice than leave. But even in an ugly situation like this,  something beautiful was born like the new Second Skin on its new location. As a perfectionist myself, i am never 100% satisfied. There’s always something’s missing or something that i’d like to do differently.
As for the planned events, the ones that i can announce so far are: Incubite live at Second Skin on 10/9. Fetish Ball on October 1. Our 3 years birthday party on 7 & 8 October. Fashion show by Cyberesque on 22/10. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio gig on 20/11. And of course every Saturday, my residency with excellent djs Purplekittie and Lucy.

One thing that I can easilly remember is that there are literally tons of cds hanging around in your apartment.What would you say that your relationship with music is today?Not necessarily in the sense of being a dj/reviewer,but mostly,as a listener.
Ha! That’s true. My relationship with music is as it has always been. I am devoted to music. Every day i listen to music not only because i have to listen to some tracks for my dj sets, but because it is an inner need for me... And when i listen to music, i am focused on music only. I just can’t do anything else at the same time. It’s funny how people listen to music in the wrong way.

One short game I'd like to ask you to play with me:I'll give you 3 words.You'll just have to answer quickly,using whatever thought pops up in your mind at first:
a)Second Skin : Under my skin for sure.

b)Magic: Only the night can be magic.

c)Love: An illusion. 

A question regarding the dark scene and its sub-genres:while not exclusively,it is a fact that you have devoted a vast amount of time and energy into playing/promoting various aspects of dark music.What are the main differences of this scene today,compared to the time back when you started?What would you predict of its future evolution?

For a start there was no internet. You had to rely on your own searching for music through magazines,clubbing, gigs, travelling etc. People-wise, there was more unity back then. I mean there were always gossips and shit going on, but the whole thing exploded with internet.  The anonymous cunts used internet to spread ridiculous rumours to certain people that consider as “targets”. It all starts from the fact that they are nobodies and losers actually. Understandable, isn’t it?Music-wise now (which is the most important part of this) , there’s always good music and bad music. The important thing for every generation is having choices and exposure to good music. I think things have changed rapidly since 2005 (when we were behind the creation of Underworld club musically and aesthetically, until we left in 2008 to make Second Skin Club).Pioneers will always be pioneers and imitators will always be imitators. Situation now is more “colourful” if you know what i mean. And this is good and bad at the same time.

On a more personal note:do you feel,that up to now,most of your dreams and desires have been fullfilled?Is there a specific situation that you'd like to operate in the future?
Someone who claims that all his dreams have come true is a sad man. What else is there for him to chase then? Yes i did many of the things i dreamt of like making a job like this and living out of djing/promoting and travelling the world every once in a while and paying me for that, but there’s a lot of things that i still dream of. Something that maybe now doesn’t sound “right”. But it might sound right in a few years time. We’ll see and i’m not telling you more now.

..Unto a personal assumption of mine:the early 80's darkwave/gothic scene  is mostly portrayed by mainstream media,as a bunch of idle daydreamers or even pathetic losers at worst.Mostly emphasized as people reading Baudelaire at graveyards during midnight!Though I find no truth in these allegations,I would like to ask your opinion:what do you think is the basis of such speculations?Perhaps a vigorous try to present this scene as yet another subculture consisting of daydreaming consumers?
What you just described sounds like a media stereotype. It sounds SO old-school to me too,let alone there was no truth to that or if there was belonged to another era from a small minority. Well, the media always plays with stereotypes because stereotypes sell and it’s easy for people to understand. The solution in this is who are the ones taking part in the trap that the media (mostly the TV and not the press) has set up.

Practically by now,you must have gained quite a lot of experiences concerning a variety of industrial/ebm gatherings around the globe.Should someone want to visit an event in order to convey an introduction to the electro/industrial scene of today,may it be a festival or a club,which would your recommendation be?
A qualitative club near your area would help. But if it’s not possible,then i’d say Wave Gotik Treffen, Amphi festival, Kinetic fest or Infest. For clubs, i’d suggest Slimelight, Das Bunker,Matrix and why not, Second Skin.

As a dj,which do you think are the necessary ingredients for a night to turn out to be a complete success?When would you think that a club night could be characterized as an unforgettable happening?
Chemistry among people and djs. A dj with skills that plays for the people first and then for himself. 

We are most certainly living in a time of grandiose changes.In your opinion,what differences will the future bring to the music industry as we know it today?Do you think that the coming time will be brighter for recording labels and artists alike?Or even darker,maybe?
The last few years the music industry has been collapsing. The labels who embraced the new era and the tools of technology and internet survived. The rest just disintegrated along with the old world.It was their greed that produced a very cheap product like a cd and ended up selling it so expensive .Internet changed all this for good. Artists are the ones who are more independent and stronger now (despite what some greedy mega bands will say) and i am optimistic, as the whole situation is,well, how can i put it, more democratic now.

You have indulged yourself into the art of writing for a considerably long time,mostly as a music journalist and reviewer.Would you ever think to furthen your ties to the written word by writing something outside the boundaries of reviewing?Creating a novel,for example?
This is such a funny question... Yes i used to write reviews and articles in music magazines in the past, but no , i wouldn’t like to expand this thing, mostly because i am not interested and because i don’t think i’d be good on that. And generally speaking, if you write album reviews it doesn’t mean that you can be SO good to write a novel.

And now for something completely different:Will AEK win the hellenic super league championship at last?
Wishful thinking judging by what i’ve seen so far....

"Final" words are yours...
Don’t forget: Constant shallowness leads to evil.

Isabelle S.

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