I am guessing that most of you have not heard of Cinemascope before. Something logical perhaps, if one considers the fact that this is a new project, preparing to release its debut, "Stains Of love", soon. The fact is though that is the personal project of Leo Skiadas, a well known figure in the goth/dark wave circles of Athens, Hellas.
Mainly known for a series of activities related to these scenes-djing, promoting and organising concerts and events, as well as having been a radio producer-Leo has decided to show us another side of his musical related talents, by forming Cinemascope,that is..Since their debut album is settled to be released later this year,I took the opportunity to ask Leo some questions regarding this new step of his.Naturally,I trully hope that you'll enjoy the following text..

Greetings Leo,hope you are doing great!Your debut album as Cinemascope,"Stains Of Love" has recently been completed and will be released later this year,eventually.Could you elaborate some more on this subject?Give us all substancial details regarding its recording process,please..
Well,there are 10 songs in "Stains Of Love",songs that have been in my mind in various forms,for ages.Both music and lyrics are written by me,during the past 3-4 years.I did the programming,I also played some guitar and bass themes and I sang on all of them,except of the song "Five More Minutes",in which Ronny Moorings from Clan Of Xymox did the main vocals,while I just handled the backing ones.The whole post production work took place at ArtTracks Studio,with the precious help of George Priniotakis,who has also played some additional acoustic and electric guitars.The album is going to be out on Autumn,by Other Voices Records and I am really looking forward to that!

Could you give us a short synopsis of Cinemascope's story,so far?What led you into forming this project in the first place,really?
I've always had some melodies in my mind,that I was trying to record in a very amateur way,since I was a kid.At the same time,the whole music thing was always a largely personal concept for me,so the obvious process of inviting some more people into forming a band and evolve all together wasn't that obvious to me.So,Cinemascope actually took shape when my friends,Alexx from Decode and George from Ivory Frequency,showed me the way to make it sound properly on my own and the rest wasn't too hard I guess.

Cinemascope is a solo attempt of yours.I need to congratulate you on this,since you handle all instruments, and voices,as well as composing and writing the lyrics for this project.Do you think of re-cruiting some members in order to perform live,some day?Or is this something that is totally off your mind?
I am very curious about how my songs would sound like,if performed by a real band,to which actually I think that they would sound much better than they do now.So,yes,I'd really like to form a band some time and perform live.And I feel so privileged for the fact that some very talented guys have already shown interest to participate in this project.I just hope to find some time to start rehearsing and make things rolling!

I must say that your album gave me quite an impression!It is very well crafted and recorded,while the songs possess a charming aura.Are you satisfied with the result?Do you plan on changing anything concerning your next release,sonically speaking mostly?
Well,I am quite satisfied with the result,even though every time I listen to a song,I feel like I could have made it different,but I guess that this is a common problem on people who write music.As far as it seems now,the next album will sound more"alive",more real guitars,bass and drums,let's see...

You somehow managed to create a personal sound,by dissolving your influences together,into shaping your own audial identity.Which were your initial influences really?Not only musically,but also in a more personal manor.What motivates you into composing,or writing lyrics,for example?
Regarding the music,what inspires me the most are the 80's wave bands that I was listening to since I was a kid and keep on following until today.But at the same time,my ears are open to new sounds.The lyrics are based on personal experiences but I guess that noone can really find out what I am really talking about on each song.Most of the songs might seem like there is a love story behind them,but the truth sometimes is far from that.

You have been a dj for quite some now.Do you think that this fact helped you in any way regarding Cinemascope?Or are these two completely separate activities for you?
Actually,these are two quite separate things for me.Maybe the Dj thing has helped me to see what people listen to and dance to,but I am not sure if I have this in mind when writing music.

Cinemascope's debut album will be released by Other Voices Record.How did you decide to co-operate with this label?Are you satisfied by your relationship,so far?
I know Oleg from Other Voices since he re-released the Aerial Fx album and since then we had a contact regarding his releases.I think that he has a great taste in music and all of his releases are top quality,so it was a very obvious choice for me,to send him my stuff and see if he would be interested to release it.And,last but certainly not least,he has named his label after a Cure song,and being a Cure fan myself,this fact made my decision even more obvious!

Since you have been a promoter/organizer of various concerts and events in the past years,my next question is obvious:What's next?What are your plans for the near future,in this field?
I would really like to do a lot of things this year,since it is the 10th anniversary of Elfentanz Music Productions but the financial crisis doesn't give me the chance to.I am pretty sure that something good will come up,though!

If you had to characterize Cinemascope's sound,by using a few words,which would they be?Generally speaking,do you feel that using labels and tags in order to describe one's sound is necessary?Or otherwise?
I think that labels may be disturbing for some artists but they are quite useful for the music fans.I guess that I am ok if someones states Cinemascope as a new/cold/synth wave pop band.

Dark Sun still exists and grows strong after all those years.Did you expect such a success back when you started?Do you feel that there is something unique about this place,something that makes it different,if compared to other goth venues around the globe?
I work there for more than 15 years and I've seen this place evolve throughout these years.Success was not what I had in my mind when I started there,I just wanted a place to spin the tunes that I love.Dark Sun has its own,very personal style and I am happy that there are a lot of people that feel like home there.

I guess that up to now,you have propably received some great feedback regarding Cinemascope's sounds.Is this something that gives you joy?Is feedback important to you as an artist,in any possible way?
Of course it is!Actually,it's the only reason to look forward to releasing "Stains Of Love".I am not expecting to do a career out of music,some nice comments is all I expect and that's why I am so grateful to the people that come closer and express their feelings regarding my music,especially when they have something positive to say.;)

Upon listening to "Stains Of Love",I had a myriad of images fusing with your sounds.Logically,I would detect a strong and healthy influence by other art fields,such as painting,or cinema for that matter.Am I wrong?If not,would you say that distilling influences by other forms of art is important for you,as a composer of sounds?
So glad that you feel this way.I guess that there are always influences from other forms of art and life in general,but when I write music I feel that my mind is focused on sounds and atmospheres and nothing more.

"Without music,life would be a mistake",as Friedrich Nietzsche once declared.Given the fact that the majority of your activities are connected to music one way or another,would you agree with this statement?Does music play an important role in your everyday life?
I guess so...even when I sometimes feel that I don't want to listen to any music for a week or something,just in order to clear my head off,this is practically impossible since music is not only a pleasure but also a job for me.

As we are reaching the end of this conversation,I would like to ask you a question that will propably remind you of "High Fidelity".If you had to create a top-5 of containing your all-time favorite albums,which would these records be?
I love lists!!Here you go:The Cure-Faith,The Sound-From The Lion's Mouth,Sisters Of Mercy-First And Last And Always,Arcade Fire-Funeral,White Lies-To Lose My life.

Thank you so much for this interview,Leo!Last words are definitely yours..
Last words,ok,I can't believe that I didn't include any Smiths or Depeche Mode for my Top-5 list...what a douche bag,shame on me!On the other hand,thank you Isabelle for writing down the questions and thanks to the people that read this interview,I hope that you'll like "Stains Of Love" when it comes out!Here are some links to keep us connected:

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