To Die For

To Die For

Jape Von Crow, the  frontman of  To/Die/For, gives an interview to subexistance talking about their upcoming album called "Samsara" and their future plans . Enjoy the interview!

-Hello Jape! How are you?
Jape:Hey! I m Ok but tired a bit still. We just arrived home last night from China tour and we were touring there almost two weeks but we did not sleep a lot.

-Could you give me some informations about your upcoming album “Samsara”?
Jape: Samsara album is written with spontaneous touch. More down to earth and without any rules. All lyrics are very personal things for us but everyone can still find their own meaning from each song i guess. This is like a Gothippie music! Gothic rock, Melancholy rock meets some influences from 70´s and also from India music too. I know this sounds crazy but it really fits together well, and sound is unique and Totally what we really wanna do! We love this!

-As regards music, should we expect something really different in the new album comparing it with the previous one?
Jape:There is some parts which are very different, what people never heard before, but also it is sure pure To/Die/For album. There´s atmospheric parts, but not like all goth rock bands usually do it, we gave it a new touch. Also there is nice rock songs..just to mention some like KISSING THE FLAMES and Iggy Pop cover song CRY FOR LOVE but basically it is darker than previous To/Die/For albums.

-Give me some informations about the lyrics of your upcoming album. What is the inspiration of writing them?
Jape:Year 2010 was one of the shittest years in my life. I felt like i´m losing my mind. My little brother died and I also had problems with some people around me. I had so much time to think this life, this society ,our planet and all....I found my own philosophy...Somehow I got a bit more peace into my mind but also more I realized somethings, more I became depressed. So, I wrote about ALL! about My brother, about my friend who also died, About "middle glaas" people whos are living in their golden houses of cards, About Love the way it is, I wrote about having fun with tequila and cannabis, I wrote how the flame is still burning in our hearts, One song is improvisation! etc. This is one picture about the whole universe actually made by To/Die/For! and for now it is called SAMSARA! which does not mean as circle of life for us (for buddhists it is circle of life) ...For To/Die/For it means circle of the year 2010.

-Are there bands that influenced you from the beginning of your musical steps as To/Die/For?
Jape:We´re always been listening many kind of music styles, and it is very difficult to mention just some names. Most of our influences we got, when we were little kids, from a Finnish Band called "SMACK". They played great street rock and roll kinda music with the touch of the doors and stooges etc. and lyric were nice with the touch of Jim Morrison kinda things... This may sounds clishee i know but TDF influences comes from our lives, From nature and from all kind of music styles. For example now. We´ve been listening ethnic music, traditional India music and some influences about that you can hear from SAMSARA album. There is NO limits to write music! Music is the biggest jungle and you can go where ever you want, without no one saying what you can do and what you can not to do!

-Which of the bands that have toured with you did you get along better with?
Jape:We have been touring with: In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced, Charon, Nightwish, Lacrimosa, Das Scheit, TDF gets along best way with TDF guys:) but guys in Sentenced were nice, Some of Ds Scheit guys became our friends.. Charon guys were nice guys to have fun with, also Sentenced. All is been nice for u anyway. We're supporting In Flames on their tour and they treated us well so... We have no any bad word about any bands.

-Can you remember the most strange or funny incident on stage?
Jape:Too many actually happened. Once our guitarist did not found the stage from backstage and he joined us on a second song.... but mainly all SPinal Tap things happened for us. As I think those things also happened for many bands all around the world :)

-What are your plans for the near future?
Jape:Just release of SAMSARA and touring a lot around the world and get better band and grow bigger and share our music for the people!  Try to live away from Society´s pressures with open minds, Share love, Peace Freedom and  rock n' roll!

-Thank you for the interview! The last words are yours.
Jape:WWW.TODIEFORBAND.NET  (soon done)
Love for everyone and stay on TDF tune! Hope to see you all somewhere!!!
JAPE von CroW/TDF with Looooove:)


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