It is a fact that a new generation of promising artists/ bands have made their presence known in recent years. A bizarre fact perhaps,since the social/ financial situation both here and abroad seems to move in an era of disintegration.
Nevertheless, there is no absence of talented musicians and sound artists,thankfully.Faithful on my behalf to this line of thought,I decided to present an artist from Athens,who specialises in certain fields of electronic music,may it be dark ambient or even harsh electro/ebm..So,since I was initially impressed with iNsCissorS' work,I decided to conduct an interview with Vincent,the mastermind behind this project.The conversation of course touches other projects,along with other subjects as well!Therefore,I would urge you to read it,not only because it could obviously serve as a proper introduction to this band,but also because it is a very fine conversation,in the first place!My warm regards to Vincent and our readers altogether..Enjoy!


Greetings Vincent!Give us a small synopsis on iNsCissorS:when was this project formed,which were your main goals about it..Moreover,which kind of sentiments/emotions do you wish to express,through this specific project.

Greetings! First of all allow me to express my thanks for your interest and your time dedicated to this interview, I am glad to answer your questions and i really appreciate your support!

iNsCissorS traces it’s origins sometime back in 1999, I was composing music even before that but up until then I never thought of giving it a name or call it a project, I was just composing music at home and that was all, afterwards I decided to give an image to this and thus Aes Sidhe derived and later on renamed to iNsCissorS. Several years later, in 2007, a friend proposed I should get in touch with labels in order to share my music with people interested in it. Then came No Angels Prod. and offered me a contract for releasing my first album “The Veratrine Evangelicum” which received a really encouraging welcome and positive feedback from the people of the underground scene and due to that I reconsidered my way of thinking and felt more confident to share more of my music with people who would appreciate and support it.

Upon thinking of it and reconsidering the idea of just making music at home my main goals were and still are to share my music with people who are interested in it as I also mentioned above, to meet new people, make new friends through it and to have the opportunity to work together with other musicians which in my opinion is always a way to learn new things!

What I seek to express through iNsCissorS is divided into what I feel when composing music for iNsCissorS and to what the listener at his/her own end will decipher. I mainly focus on creating that theatrical/cinematic feeling in order for the listener to take it from there and use his/her imagination to create a unique place in his/her mind!

Not that long ago,iNsCissorS released a full length album:"Destin-Music For A Film By John Santerineros",respectively.Give us some details regarding this release.Do you feel satisfied by it,as a result?

The specific album is more of something like a collection of interpretations of the original score composed by iNsCissorS for John Santerineross’ short film named “Destin” by respected artists (Peter Andersson/Raison D’etre, Mich Spape/H.E.R.R., Simon Kölle/Musterion/Za Frumi/Abnocto, Hoarfrost, Inner Vision Laboratory) whose work I really admire and I feel honored by their offer in this.

Destin was a project which took quite an amount of time to be materialized in any way from the state of composing it and adapting it to the film then to the post production state and afterwards to the collection of the interpretations. The final stage was it’s release for which I must wholeheartedly thank Radunir from No Angels Prod. and Infamis from Beast Of Prey for their willing to release “Destin” and of course their enormous support over the years!

I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with the result, the tracklist is something I would not even dare to image some years ago let alone the great A5 digipack and the really beautiful artwork!

Last but not least John Santerineross was my favorite artist/photographer long before this and there are times I cannot still believe that I had the opportunity to work on music for his film, I really couldn’t ask for more and I couldn’t be more satisfied

I see that you proclaim your sound identity as "cinematic ambient".Would you care to elaborate a bit more on this subject?Do you regard your music as a canvas,or even as a vessel,destined to create images,perhaps as a conscious tactic in order to captivate the listener's attention?

Of course! In my opinion music is indeed a canvas where you can draw your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, ideas and everything you wish but above all you must respect what music is and the more you respect music the more it respects you and the more it gives back to you. It can also be considered a vessel which carries your dreams and feelings and the more you take care of it the more it keeps you safe from drowning into the dark waters of ignorance and lose your identity. The point is that music is something sacred and it should be treated that way, music is something like a way of communicating with those who can decipher the specific “language”, if you cannot communicate then you are destined to be alone!

I chose to call the music of iNsCissorS “cinematic ambient” because what I had in mind was to merge the dark ambient atmosphere and neoclassical music in a way that each part of it will stimulate the listeners imagination to create images and scenarios like in a motion picture or in a theatrical play.

It is really important to catch the listener’s attention. Especially nowadays where people are being “exposed” to so much music which is not always that good and there is a high possibility of growing tired of this. Thus if the listener’s attention is caught this is an achievement and a real reward.

I need to state that I was highly impressed by your sonic output.My opinion is,that you manage to create beautiful ambient soundscapes,while using elements from other music fields,as well.In what ways do you achieve that?Would you feel that your music activity is something that mainly comes from the heart?

Thank you so much for your words, I really appreciate this and I am glad to hear that you like the sound of iNsCissorS. To be honest I cannot exactly explain how I achieve this, It is impulsive I’d say. What I know is that it definitely comes from the heart, I can in no way force myself to compose music I just leave my impulses to guide me through the procedures. Sometimes I may have the setting in my mind and then try to move the sound of the song as close as I can to describe it through sounds and melodies. Sometimes it might be a melody that will be the base on which I will build the rest of the song on it and what it will bring to my mind but whatever I do I let myself to follow the way I feel the specific moment and follow the music and how the concept unfolds inside me.

Your soundscapes initially brought to mind other dark ambient gems,such as Cold Meat Industry,or even Cyclic Law related artists/bands.What are your influences really?Which artists inspired you back then,into forming your own project?

Indeed a great part of my first influences and artists who inspired me come from the Cold Meat Industry family and to be more specific they are Peter Andersson/Raison D’etre and In Slaughter Natives. Devil Doll and Mortiis (Era I) were equally important for me as well. Also composers such as J.S.Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, C.Saint Saens, A.Dvorak, B.Bartok, Zbigniew Preisner, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Clint Mansel, Akira Yamaoka and many more.

Apart from your presence as iNsCissorS,you have indulged yourself in other,similar or not,musical activities as well.Would you please inform us on your other projects?Would you view these projects as something totally different,if compared to your work with iNsCissorS?

Yes, there is another project/band named “Hydra Division V” for which I compose all music, vocal lines, lyrics etc and it is far more different than iNsCissorS. Hydra Division V moves into the aggrotech/harsh EBM fields (at least for the time being) but even if the genres are far too different I consider each project equally important for me and try to divide my time the best way I can so that both projects have the necessary attention from me. I also consider them equally important because they express different aspects of my life and different feelings with each one.

Though the idea of merging the projects at times is really interesting and the results are unpredictable and I seriously consider something like this in the future, mostly including elements from iNsCissorS in Hydra Division V.

It gets a bit difficult at times I have to admit because there will always be something to do with the one or the other project while I have scheduled to work with one of them and my plan ends up to be a little mixed up so I have to rearrange my priorities in order to make up for the time I spent and catch up with my schedule again. But after all these things are something I really love and enjoy I do not complain at all. Why should I after all?

Since there is an obvious cinematic feel regarding INsCissorS' sound,I would like to ask you if there are any specific movies that inspired your work.Even more so,are there any paintings,icons,or images that you would consider as influences to you,personally?

I think that the list will go on forever if I let myself to be carried away with answering the specific question so I will try to keep it within limits. So, regarding movies the first that come in my mind are : Das Kabinett Des Dr.Caligari, A L’Interieur, The Fountain, The name of the Rose, F.W. Murnau’s Faust, Old Boy, Tetsuo, Tod Browning’s Freaks, Der Vampyr, the works of the Quay Brothers and many more.

As for artists other than John Santerineross who I mentioned before and has been a great influence from nearly the beginning and before I even have the chance to talk and collaborate with him and because of that I came to admire and respect him even more I would say John Bauer, Hieronymous Bosch, Albrech Durer, Theodor Kittelsen, Joel Peter Witkin…

Dark ambient always kept a special place in my heart,as being one of my favorite genres,especially when it comes to dark,nocturnal sounds.Yet,despite this fact,it remains an almost hidden,deeply underground terrain.Does this fact alone bother you in any possible way?Do you think that this is something that would change someday?Or,on the other hand,would you feel that it should remain undergroud,in order to keep its true essence?

No way it bothers me, in fact I would prefer it to keep being in the same way, hidden and far from the mainstream. Dark ambient is no commercial genre and it has its own essence and a special way to be composed/performed. When music is exposed to the mainstream audience it looses its identity, though there are also those who believe that being underground is cool and a way to show off and thus losing contact with the true nature of what underground music and the related scene are about and what really is the point of them but of course this kind of people exists in any musical genre whether it is underground or not.

Since you are an artist living in Hellas,would you feel restrained by that fact alone?Is your recording and composing activities affected in any way,by living in today's Hellas?

My recording and/or composing activities are unfortunately indeed affected by living in Hellas and I feel sorry to say that because the history, mythology and culture are a great source of inspiration. The everyday struggle for making a living by working on something you just have to because you must sustain yourself in some way consumes a great deal of energy from inside you and thus leaving you with a lack of desire to do almost anything after a hard day’s work even if you want it so much. If you are no mainstream artist you have to work to support your music as a hobby. Furthermore it is indeed hard for a musician from Hellas to make his way abroad in order to perform live and present his work to a wider audience. Flight fares are extremely high from Hellas to any place compared the cost of flying from any European country to another and this is a negative factor when it comes to booking a band/project for a live performance, at least this is something that I have come up across some times.

You have performed in a live setting,so far.Do you think that it is easy to reproduce your sound in a live environment,a concert for example?Would you regard this as a completely different experience,if compared to your studio work?Moreover,do you enjoy performing on stage?

Yes, in a few to be more specific but each one was equally important and unique for me and it played a really serious role in the evolution of the way I compose or work on music for iNsCissorS and in general. Each live performance is a whole new experience for me and it demands my absolute attention and devotion to it.

I believe it is easy to reproduce my sound live and I would definitely regard it as a completely different experience . Working in the studio is a way too different procedure sometimes while some others it is not.

Thankfully up to now all the places I have performed as iNsCissorS were all unique and fitting the project’s aesthetics.

When working in the studio you are more comfortable since you are in a space you have developed for this particular reason and you know its vibes while when you perform live you have to attach or adapt yourself to the place’s atmosphere and then use it to convert it into your own world in order to pass your feelings on to the audience through it. In a limited time space of course.

This is a challenge I gladly accept and I really do love to perform live whether it is as iNsCissorS or as Hydra Division V

Now it is time to ask you a "necessary" question regarding your future plans,if any.What should we expect of INsCissorS in the near future?

I dare to say that what should be expected as the next work of iNsCissorS regarding a full length album is a musical piece at least one step forward from the last work. This time the neoclassical parts are even more than in “Mnemosyne…” and there will be more female vocal parts as well. The structure of the album has an even more theatrical flow while ambient and experimental passages will do have their features in the whole concept thus this time I sought to create a play based mostly on musical parts than experimental ones. The specific album is almost complete and in the mean time I have already been working on the next one which I intend to lead in different ways at least regarding the structure and the continuation of the songs it will consist of.

Once again my brother Jason will be by my side in this and my dear friend Angel W.Black will feature in some of the album’s songs as well. Furthermore I am also glad and Honoured by the participation of AimA Project from Italy and her offering in this album.

I think that it is safe to say that we have reached the end of this conversation-thank you so much,Vincent!The epilogue is certainly yours..

I wholeheartedly want to thank you too for your interest and support, it has been a pleasure to answer your questions and I hope I did not tire you up with some of the answers’ length.

Once again I want to thank all the people who have supported me and iNsCissorS and still do through all these years. It really means so much!

May you always be well!

With Best Wishes


Isabelle S.

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