interview Andreas Gross

interview Andreas Gross

It is quite propable that our readers have already read some reviews regarding Andreas Gross.Since,I have presented 2 of this project's works,in the not-so-distant past,I felt the urge of contacting the artist himself,in order to get his views on several subjects..So,as a result,you can check our lovely conversation,here:

Greetings Andreas!
My first question is a rather predictable one, since it deals with your latest full length release,"Ground of Ashes". Give us all crucial details, regarding this specific release.

The Slipknot coversong was the first song I recorded entirely on my own in summer 2011. First it was planned to be a non-album-track. Then later in autumn the band had intense rehearsals for the great concert in a music club called „Vortex“ in Siegen, so we concentrated more on the live performance than on recording new stuff for a studio album. In spring 2012 I bought some new instruments for my studio, so this was quite a fine inspiriation for writing new songs. Mainly the songs of the album were written and recorded in spring and early summer 2012. This time Tabitha and Swenja were involved in the creative process in equal shares. We are very proud of the result, I think, „Grounds Of Ashes“ is a very esssential „andreas gross“ album with a huge sustainability.

Now, I want to ask you on how did you decide to form a project of your own-what were your goals when you initially started,back then? Do you feel that you have accomplished these aforementioned goals,so far?

When I started do make music with Thomas and Swenja in 2005 I did not have any high goals, I just wanted to do something different to what I have written before. My target audience at this time was me and some friends. Henceforth my music changed slightly related to the sound because of some real instruments and the guitars we used and therefore it became more complex. Later Tabitha came to the band and also Christian as another guitarist. When we got the label deal in 2008, it was a great opportunity to present our music to the world and to get some real fans, but it was neither expected nor planned.

You seem to have the habit (or tendency, if you may) of adding certain live recordings as bonus tracks, accompanying your releases.Why is that? On a personal note, do you prefer working in a studio environment, or performing in a live setting, perhaps?

We didn't have had so many live concerts by now, so the live recordings are a way to show our fans our proficiencies of performing live. Besides that I won't overstate the live tracks, they are just bonus tracks and they are not on the vinyl-versions of our albums. I prefer working in the studio, because I am a control freak.

Since you are co-working on a steady basis with Echozone for quite some time now, I need to ask you about your opinion, concerning this label. Are you satisfied by your co-operation, up to date?

I don't think that my music fits well to the central catalogue of Echozone, but I don't care much about that - for a musician with professional ambitions it is always good to have a label that helps promoting your music. And I have been doing some interesting side projects for Echozone, for example my CD with poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, recited by Volker Lechtenbrink, or being part of the "Gothic Visions"-DVDs.

I do realise that tagging is not always necessary. Yet, when it comes to the written word, labels are needed in order to achieve proper communication. To that end, how would you describe your sonic output? Do you feel a part of any genre, in particular?

A good question. I see myself preferably in the tradition of older "The Cure" stuff but also in recent music, like for example the excellent german music projects "Apparat" or "Soap&Skin". Very artful! I have no use with the actual so called "gothic" bands like "Blutengel", "ASP", Mono Inc." or whatever. Such music offends my ears and it's almost as unbearable as HipHop. I wouldn't describe my music as typical "goth" music but it is gothic in a literary way.

Speaking of myself, I tend to find a sense of emotional warmth, upon listening to your sounds. I could go as far as saying that your compositions display a variety of sentiments. How do you achieve this result?

When you are writing songs, you always have to write the music as if you have never composed something before. This helps not to copy youself over and over again and not to let it sound like it has been planned on the drawing table. I also try to be authentic and let my feelings flow into the music.

Following my previous question, I would like to ask you on how do you view this project-would you feel that this is an entirely personal attempt? Or, on the other hand, do you view this as a band's work?

It is definitifely both of it! Working on an album is always an interesting dichotomy of creating very much on my own and letting allow ideas from the other members of the band. So everyone can identify with the results in the end.

Getting back to your latest album, I would like to ask you about your favourite songs, if any.

„Soldiers“, „Akephalos“ and „Share“. I hope we will get also a video clip for the last two mentioned songs this year.

How did you decide to cover a Slipknot tune? At the beginning,it seems like a rather absurd idea,yet the outcome is astonishing!

Thank you! Well, I just thought, it would be a good idea to cover it. And it was much fun to let it sound as if it was a typical „andreas gross“ song.

Now, when it comes to lyrics, what type of themes seem to interest you the most? Is there any special meaning that you would like to comprehend through your work, lyric wise speaking?

There are several issues in the lyrics, for example loneliness, becoming older, lost love, hope, transcendental elements, etc. There are certain colorations of already known literary topics in the lyrics, for example in „Akephalos“. It is not about a headless ghost but the persona feels kind of headless. There is no general special meaning in my work, I just try to show inwardness in various ways.

Which artists/bands would you hold as being influential into shaping your own, personal audial identity? Apart from music, do you get inspiration by other arts, as well?

Mostly I get inspiration from everyday live, from movies (I am a movie nerd) or poems.
When I started making music on my own I was influenced by bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure. You know, 25 years ago there were not so many choices as today; either you listened to Iron Maiden or you didn't belong to the others and listened to Depeche Mode. But today I won't get so much inspiriation from other music.
For example, I can remember that I wrote the instrumental „Succubus“ after I watched the french horror movie „Livide“..

My next question deals with your plans, regarding the future. What should we expect of you, in days ahead?

Well, after an album like „Grounds Of Ashes“ I don't think it's necessary to have another full time album in the very near future. Perhaps there will be an e.p. with some remixes of it and some new tracks - this year or in spring next year. Also we will shoot two or three more videos for „Grounds Of Ashes“. And we are looking for live gigs to perform the songs of the album live.

I guess that would be all,for now. Thank you so much for this conversation. Final words are yours...

Thanks for the interview and have a great day! I think, the space key on your computer is out of order, isn't it? *gg*

Isabelle S.

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