Interview Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)

Interview Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)

Lord Of The Lost is a Goth Rock band from Germany and one of the most requested bands in Germany’s (and not only) Underground music Festivals (Amphi, M’era Luna, WGT etc) . Although they were created in 2008, they have already released 3 Studio albums that have met great success from the Gothic and the Dark/Underground community in general. But it’s not only the music that makes them special, but also their live shows that are always unpredictably impressive and really worth attending, with new surprises from time to time.
The band’s vocalist Chris “The Lord” Harms speaks about their attitude, their success so far, their new stuff and many more…!

Hello Chris, It is such an honor to share some words with you here on! How are you?
I am very happy. We had a great tour yet. There is just one gig in Leipzig left, so nothing bad can happen I guess.
Let’s start from your band’s name “Lord Of The Lost”: What/Who is the “lost” that it refers to?
The Lost are all the people that like to follow us and enjoy the music and the shows. In case of this kind of music we play, we named them “lost” because they decided to join another way of living. Beside that normal “classes” they try to be different, wear almost black clothes, sympathize with the feeling of melancholy and like to freak out with rock music in general. That makes them “lost” compared to the rest of the society! But bands and people like us giving them a home.
Tell us a little bit about your kind of music. It varies from emotional ballads to hard sounds and from soft vocals to screams. How would you describe it?  
Like you did! :-) It’s like that I can’t just move in between a small range of sounds and song structures. There is so much to experience in music. I can be happy, that I didn’t set up too many lines we could not cross. That makes every album a small surprise. And actually we always did right by choosing new influences. We are really thankful for that.
Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?
Life. As much you experience, as much just can tell about. But I have a gift that I can focus on those ideas very often. It comes naturally to put memories or ideas together to become music.
Your new album has a more positive and “pop” sound than your previous ones. What were the reasons for this change and how was the feedback from the fans?
We’d like to try sounds that would have been compatible to typical club songs, without going too far from the LOTL context. It was working well. But it doesn’t mean that next time we push it more in this direction again. That would be too predictable!!!

How has your success affected your private life?
Facebook and our email programs are becoming a bigger part of our lives. We have to take care more about what we say. It’s becoming a day job somehow. But anyway, it’s the best in the world. And as long as we can answer to all the mails and stuff, we keep on!
You have made song covers of both famous and underground artists/bands. What does your choice to make a cover depend on?
If the song is good, if it is comparable to LOTL tunes and if we really like that song.
What kind of music do you listen to your free time?
Hard to say. Every mood is starving for a special kind of music. From Lady Gaga to Machine Head you find everything and more!
Tell us 5 of your all-time favourite artists/bands.
Roxette, Lady Gaga, Machine Head, Rammstein, many more...
You have an obvious sex appeal as a performer and as a personality in general. Did you ever have to cope with embarrassing situations caused by weird behaviors from fans? Give 1-2 examples if so.
I think there is nothing embarrassing anymore. Fans sometimes behave weird. But I have to say that they are mostly shy. So we have to tickle them more than they do us..!
While performing at your live shows you are pretty risky, by pouring water on yourself or climbing on the barrier between the stage and the audience while you’re singing. Considering such actions, what are the most usual accidents you might have on stage?
I am a lucky guy actually. Just some bruises. Nothing serious happened yet.
Recently you have been booked as DJ as well in Germany’s and Russia’s clubs. Is this a new experience for you or have you done it before? What kinds of music do you like mixing at your DJ sets?
I did it before a couple of times. But it seems that it could become another profession for me. In general I like most playing the songs I like. They are related to LOTL very often...
Let’s talk about your newest videoclip for the song “See You Soon”: Who had the idea for the video concept and why you chose the specific place (Sylt island) for the videoshooting?
I wanted to show a pure feeling. No effects no show off. Just the song in a picture that shows a beautiful melancholy.  I chose Sylt, because it is really familiar to me. I know a lot of beautiful places there. So it was my number on place to shoot.
What are your plans for 2013?
Writing the new Album, playing a lot of festivals, playing the “Eisheiligen Nächte” with Subway To Sally and Lordi. There is a lot to do like always.
If somebody wants to book you for a live show or a DJ set, where will they find more contact info?
Thank you so much for your time…! Anything else you want to share with your listeners, readers of Subexistance, or/and the Greek public?
Keep in touch!!!

Inessa P.

Photos :Franz Schepers/Lia Koltyrina

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