Interview Playground Circus

Interview Playground Circus

Playground Circus is a Punk-Rock band formed in Northern Greece in 2005 under the name “Funky Monkey”. After a couple of alternations in the formation of the band they decided to change their name to “Playground Circus”.

 The band consists of:

John “Brain Dead” – lead vocals & rhythm guitar

EL – lead guitar & backing vocals

Vangelis “Seinvi” – bass guitar & backing vocals

Stratos “The Klone” – drums

Since 2005 the band has toured Greece and Central Europe numerous times. Among the artists that they have shared the stage with are: Marky Ramone (Ramones), Michael Graves (Misfits), House of Pain, This is a Standoff, Barbedwire Dolls, Atlas Losing Grip, Everlast and many more.

At the moment they are at the final stages of mixing and mastering their latest work entitled “King for a Day”, which will be available to you shortly. Until then, you can check out a brand new video from their upcoming album.

Hello guys!

EL: Hello Subexistance! Thank you for having us :)

How did you choose this name and how was this band formed? Does it express something special for you?

EL: Oh well… everything started years ago when our lead singer that cute short guy with the huge red mohawk joined a band called Funky Monkey. I think it was around 2005 or so. After many shows, a couple of releases and significant line up changes we ended up with Playground Circus. As for the name… modern society is a circus and this circus is our playground. Let's play…

How would you describe your musical sound? 

EL: Punk rock obviously… mostly influenced from the american scene.

Can you tell us about your main influences/inspirations?

EL: All the band members have different musical backgrounds. But for some reason we always end up liking the same stuff. Sub genres like skate or pop punk or even heavier styles like post hardcore and heavy metal are the music styles that feed our inspiration. We have no boundaries though… That's why we even wrote a country song.

-Tell me about your live performances. You have shared  the scene with different  famous artists and bands. Can you recall one performance, which you could not forget?

EL: For me personally my favourite one was the gig we played a couple of weeks ago at the biggest indoor venue in Thessaloniki with Everlast. It's a great experience to share the stage with a legend that has worked with such legendary names as Carlos Santana, The Ramones, Rage Against the machine and countless others. It was an acoustic show… Actually this was my first acoustic show ever! It's pretty interesting to cover your own fast punk rock songs and turn them into something… way different. It was an intense show and the audience was amazing!

How happy are you with your last album, “King for a Day” does it come up to your expectations?

EL: Actually "King for a day" hasn't been released yet. Our first release as Playground Circus is the EP "The king is born" which contains 5 new songs and it works as a forerunner of our full album that'll be released within 2015. So far all the reviews we received are 100% positive and the fans seem to enjoy it.

What is planned and what do you hope to experience as a band in the future? I mean do you have any tours coming up that you would like to tell us about?

EL: These days we are working on the details for our first big tour. The plan is to spend the next couple of years on the road, touring non stop and try to spread our music all over the globe! 

Any final thoughts for your listeners, readers of  Subexistance, especially for the Greek public?

EL: Eat pizza, watch cartoons and come to our shows! Live a happy life and keep an open mind. Cheers!


Thank you,

Dj Yiota

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