Interview Ricky Rebel

Interview Ricky Rebel

Ricky Rebel, also known as Ricky Godinez had worldwide success as the lead singer in the pop group No Authority. In 2012, Ricky released his “Manipulator” LP that included music featured on the hit MTV animated series “Good Vibes” and was awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the 2012 RAWards. Ricky is currently in the studio to finish his new album, “The Blue Album”,so we contact him to give us some more details about his new release and his future plans.Here is the interview for subexistance readers.

Hello there!Let's start with some information regarding your work as an artist.So,please inform us on the most significant steps of your career,so far.
The most significant step in my career was the day Michael Jackson signed me to his record label. I was the lead singer in a pop group in the 90’s called No Authority. I consider this my “big break” into the industry. Being discovered by the King Of Pop gave me the confidence to know that I was born to perform.

How did you decide to adopt Rebel as your stage name?What does this mean to you?
I adopted the Rebel persona because the real me is quite rebellious. Growing up, I had a ton of producers and managers that tried to control my life. I created Rebel to break away from their rules and expectations on me. I became Ricky Rebel when I decided to be me with no apologies. In a way, I have always played by my own rules. I’ve always done what it is that my heart tells me to do. Even if it’s not the popular thing to do. I stood out of the crowd at a very young age because I never bowed down to peer pressure. If I wanted to dance and wear lime green shoes to school, I did just that. I never really cared what most people thought of me. Being a Rebel means you do not conform simply because people agree that that's what you should do. It means standing up for what you believe in and living your life out loud. BE BOLD.

A full length album of yours is on the works,currently..Could you give us some details on that?
My new album is called “The Blue Album” and it is going to be available on iTunes July 1st. I wanted to release it as close to Independence Day as possible because this album is a clear indication of my independence as an artist. I wrote and produced everything on the album. It is mixed and mastered by Claudio Cueni, who is currently working on Jennifer Lopez’s next album.
There is a clear message on the album, and that is Love after Loss. The album takes the listener on a journey. I wrote more than 30 songs and narrowed it down to 10 that I feel reflect a complex and beautiful time in my life that I called “The Blue Years."  I turned my hair blue and went through some monumental events. I fell in love, got engaged, went through a painful breakup, I fell into my work, focused on my act, met a new love, had a burst of creativity, wrote 30-plus songs, and then consequently won Artist Of The Year at the 2012 RAWards in Hollywood CA. The hard times in my life gave me the strength to persevere and focus on what I truly wanted, not what I was afraid of. The album is a reflection of the struggle and ultimately the victory that currently is my life.

This album's title is "The Blue Album".How did you come to choose this title?What does it represent to you?
Turning my hair blue was a big reason I called the LP “The Blue Album."  It changed my life in a way that I did not expect. Everywhere I go now, people smile at me for no reason. It is a great way for people to approach me and say “Hi, I love your hair.” It sort of breaks the ice between me and the rest of the world. The Blue Album is me breaking the ice with my fans and letting them into my world,  a complex, powerful, sexy, and FUN place to be.

Are there any plans for a tour,perhaps?Do you enjoy being on stage?
I just got offered to do a tour in Japan. That’s always been a dream of mine. I even wrote a Japanese inspired song on my album called Sekaiju No which translates as Around The World in English. I am looking forward to touring Japan ASAP. I feel like I totally would love being there and appreciate the culture.
I also want to tour the US and Europe. When I was in the boyband No Authority we toured Europe twice opening for Aaron Carter, we had a slot on the “Nickelodeon All That Music And More Festival” with 98 Degrees, Monica, and Destiny’s Child, and then we opened for Britney Spears, so I definitely miss being on the road. Everything I do in my career is leading up to the possibility of touring and being able to reach my fans. I have said this multiple times on my social media posts, that I never feel more alive than when I am onstage. I am an entertainer first and foremost. That is my passion. Singing and dancing are just tools I use to entertain. If I can make one person lose their fears for a night, then I have done my job.

You have cooperated with many famous artists so far..Of all these associations,which one would you value the most?And why?
Madonna will forever be my biggest inspiration. She’s a fighter. She’s super talented and has an acute business sense that I admire. I hope to one day be the king of my empire. Madonna is the Queen of Pop.  I aspire to be King Of the Rebels.

Your previous album(as Ricky Rebel,that is),"Manipulator"was released back in 2012.Are you satisfied with the reception it got,from fans and journalists alike?
Yes, I am satisfied with the reception I got with the first record. I think what people liked most about the work that I put out then were my music videos. Geisha Dance got a ton of views on youtube and is definitely my all-time favorite video. “Geisha Dance” was the first solo record that I ever released that charted on the radio. “Geisha Dance” spent ten weeks on the Mediabase Chart (The chart that powers “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”).
I am looking forward to the reception of "The Blue Album." So far, people are really digging my tracks, Especially the happier, uptempo tunes. I can definitely see people rocking out to my music on their iPods while they workout. I felt like my first record was a little more on the dark/angry side, which is cool, but definitely easy emotions for me to access. Writing authentic happy tunes, now, that’s a challenge. I wanted to stretch myself, creatively speaking,  and write outside of my comfort zone, and the result is that I believe that I wrote positive tracks that really make people feel good. Having fun is a definite priority in my life.

Not that long ago,you used to be the singer in a pop band,No Authority.How was that as an experience for you?Do you hold good memories of that era?
Being one of the lead singers of a successful pop band in your teens and early 20’s is not an easy thing to go through. I had to grow up fast and, literally, in the spotlight. The stage is the only life that I know. That, and the recording studio.
Naturally, I am a shy guy, but there is something that happens to me when I perform. I become a totally different animal, like a dinosaur or something.  I transform.  Like a dinosaur, I had to bite some heads off. The industry is a cruel place. Many of the people who I had to work for as a kid were extremely homophobic towards me. They were terrified of people perceiving anything we did or said as being gay. It was hard going through all that during the time that I started to express myself sexually. I felt like a freak. I felt ashamed and afraid that I would be “found out” and ultimately if it would destroy my band. Eventually, I learned that being gay is not a weakness. It's a strength.
On the new album I wrote a song about my experience growing up in the industry. The song is called “Rebel The Darkness.” It shines the light on the persecution that I went through growing up as a kid. I am hoping that this song gets embraced by the LGBTQ community and everyone who has ever been persecuted against for their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
During the pop group years, I was in charge of the group, most of the time. We had sloppy management. Ultimately, I had to be in charge. To this day, that’s just my personality style. I had to have a hand in everything we wore. I choreographed for the band, I made sure that we were rehearsing as mush as possible together, and I admit that I really wasn’t the nicest guy to be around. I pushed everyone hard, but it’s only because I wanted the band to blow up as much as possible. I was an extremely ambitious child. I had to learn how to work in a team situation.
Being in No Authority taught me to be patient and to appreciate the experience. I have learned that it is important to treat your team with respect and love. You, and your team of believers, hold the key to your future. Don’t disrespect your team or your team will disrespect you.

What have been the main inspirations for you,as a vocalist?Who were your favourite singers,actually?
As a vocalist I really respect David Bowie. His vocals are rich, deep, expressive, and sensual. I also admire 80’s Depeche Mode vocals. In general, I love low-voiced male vocalists, men that aren’t afraid to sing low and keep it sexy. Baritones rock my world.

Your 2013 single,"Geisha Dance" managed to reach the charts.How do you feel about that?Is commercial success  an important factor to you,personally?
“Geisha Dance” getting on the radio charts totally marked a monumental step in my career. It made me realize that I have what it takes to produce a song that can be on the radio. Remember, I do not pay anyone to produce songs for me. I do it myself. It’s taken me awhile to build my confidence in the production arena, but having one of my songs spend 10 weeks on the chart definitely boosted my confidence. 

Future plans?If any..What should we expect for you,in the coming future?
I’ve got a ton of shows coming up that I’d like to mention.
1. June 8th I’m going to performing at the 1st annual Rock The Goats Festival. ROCK THE GOATS is a family friendly Music Festival with Hollywood entertainment on a movie set backdrop. 100% of the net proceeds goes to Heifer International.
My band will be performing at this event. Here is the show information:
CBS STUDIOS - Studio City, CA

2. “The Blue Album” drops July 1st and will be available on AMAZON MP3 and on iTunes.

3. July 14th, along with Hunter Hayes, Ricky Rebel will be performing at the San Diego County “Out At The Fair” Festival. We go on at 4:00p on the Paddock MainStage.  
    Information Below:
San Diego County Fair (Del Mar Fairgrounds)
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, California 92014

For ticket information visit their website:!tickets/c7hs

4. July 15th Ricky Rebel is hosting the official “The Blue Album” CD release party at the legendary club Bar Sinister in Hollywood CA. Their official website is


I guess that would be all for now..Thank you very much for this interview.
Thank you Isabelle and subexistance for the interview.

  Isabelle S.


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