Paul and George give an interview to Subexistance talking about the new line-up and their upcoming album “Happy Deathday”.

-Hello guys! It's been a long time since the last time we talked.Tell me about the new members and why the previous members have left the band?
Paul:Miltos Demonized left the band back in February 2011, due to free time reasons. Miltos was extremely busy with his work and generally his life and he couldn’t follow the band's plan anymore.Also, Mike Dorado left the band cause he understood that the outfit and the music style of the band, doesn't fit him finally. So, we happily welcome in the band St.Gas from Winter Flame and Maria Mc blood from Fallen Arise. Both of them are very talented musicians and they were SadDoLLs fans before joining the band.
George: Miltos was one of the founding members of the band along with me and Paul, and we've been through so much together all those years we perform. We are still friends with Miltos and Mike and still hang out whenever we can. The good thing is that our new material for Happy Deathday was composed along with the two new members, and this helps a lot with the feeling :)

-Tell me about your upcoming album "Happy Deathday" Should we expect something really different about your music? When will it be released? 
Paul:At the moment, we don't really know how and when it's gonna be released.Music business is totally destroyed and labels are making totally crazy deals.So, "Happy Deathday" may comes out in January from a label possibly or During Christmas Free for download if we will not find a label with the specifications we want.
George: We are mixing at the moment, and a mastering will follow in October or November, and the production seems to way beyond the Greek standards, I can tell you that for sure. The album's mood is way more melodic than “About Darkness” was, and less gloomy. We made an album that in general talks about darkness... Now we made one for the former goth fans, the new wave metallers, and for the mainstream audience.We really like the new songs, and hopefully our fans will like them too.

- It's been announced that many artists from Greek and European scene will participate in the album, including Jape Peratalo and Juska Salminen (To Die For) and Roberth Karlsson (Scar Symmetry). How these collaborations came up?
Paul: We are friends with Juska and Jape since 2006.We always admired them and listened to their music, talking about To Die For and HIM of course. So, we kindly requested from them to do a feat in our album and they said YES. About Roberth Karlsson from Scar symmetry.(Scar symmetry what a band...!). I believe Roberth is the most kind and peaceful guy I’ve ever talked.He's so friendly and nice and of course a fucking great musician. Our collaboration came up from Facebook. Hahaha 
George: To me it's like a dream came true, cause To/Die/For is my favourite band for years now, and Juska is my favourite HIM member, and it's a big honour for me to have this performing in my band's album :D

- Your co-oporation with Emotion Art Music, came to an end after two years under contract. Have you been satisfied by the collaboration? Did you find a new label?
Paul:Yes, our co-operation ended finally. We had good and bad moments with this label. We just did our start in the music business but which label survives in Greece nowadays? No experience , bad moderating and many more lead us to take the decision to leave Emotion Art Music and looking for a new label.Yes, we’ve got some contracts for “Happy Deathday” in the last 6 months but I think we are not interested in.
George: The problem is that the labels do not pay anything for the album's budget, instead of that, they actually ask in the contract to pay a shitload of money to be distributed. I understand that CD copies are not selling anymore ,due to the pirate online downloading and the labels are going bankrupt, and we respect this fact. But the bands and artists must go on making music, right?

- It's been a long time since the release of "About Darkness". Are you pleased by the final result? If you have the chance to change something what will it be?
Paul: We learned so many things from our first album work in studio.To be honest, I am not satisfied with the final result and if I had the chance to change something in this album I would change the people we work with.
George: It's a shame cause there were really good songs and good ideas in that album, and this extremely bad production made them sound like shit, and this is why we redone the track Misery, at Baseline studios for the release of the videoclip.

-Will you make any videoclip to promote "Happy Deathday"?
Paul: Sure, We are planning of filming 2 video clips in the end of September and 2 or 3 more after Christmas.
George: We are doing the tracks "Bloodred" and "Psychedellic Love" before the album's release ,and after Xmas we will possibly do two more with an open possibility for one more before Easter. "Killing Sorrow" and "Criminal Of Love" or "Dying On The Dancefloor" are considered choices.

-Daniel Aven is currently doing his military obligations. How has his absence influenced the normality of the band?  
Paul: Yes, he's in the army and next Kostas follows and then me. I can say that his absence is generally easy and hasn't influenced the normality of the band. We decided that there was no reason for replacing him temporary with a session guitarist. No gigs were arranged, we were just doing rehearsals and composing “Happy Deathday”.
George: There is a possibility though that in December the whole band (besides me and Mary) to be consisted by session musicians (in Guitars and drums) for the “Happy Deathday” touring due to Paul's and Gus's military obligations.

- What are your plans for the near future?
Paul:Making video clips, playing in big gigs ,having fun and for me, joining the fucking army! LoL!
George: A Big supporting act gig, to open the “Happy Deathday” tour :)Stay tuned for the Bloodred video. Take care!

-Thank you for the interview! Our best wishes for your upcoming album.The last words are yours.
Paul: Thank you very much! Hope you’ll enjoy the new album and who knows.. someday, somewhere.. maybe we’ll meet each other in the near future and rock together! Take care out there!
George :Stay tuned for the Bloodred video. We are planning "scene" domination! :D
See you all soon ;)


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