*      Model Name:  Eden

*      Age: 25
*      Location: berlin, Germany
*      Measurements: 91-63-89
*      Modeling style: fetish, pin up, lingery, fashion
*      Sites that you model for:
many more
*      How you did get started with alternative modeling?:
i wanted to not only collect nice pictures of pinup girls, i wanted to BECOME a pin up girl . i wanted to BECOME the Fetish doll and i wanted to Become the Femme Fatale !
*      Years of experience: around 5
*      Is modeling your dream job or is there something else you would like to do or are doing?:
it is a dream job, as well as doing burlesque shows. theres is just nothing better than to be a fetish model and a showgirl. but i have so many other things i love to do and i will try and do. i learned to be a hair and makeup artist and at the moment there might be a singing project coming up as well as a lil bit of acting. also a burlesque event wants to be organised and due to so many request i might offer hairworkshops soon
*      Music style: too many. go on  http://www.last.fm/user/Eden_Berlin    to see my playlist :)
*      Favorite bands: same! but to say a few: marilyn manson, depeche mode, david bowie...



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