Rebekka Raynor

Rebekka Raynor

Model name: Rebekka Raynor

Location:London, UK
Measurements:36C, 27, 34
Modeling style:Fetish & BDSM

Sites that you model for:www.RebekkaRaynor.complus countless BDSM and glamour websites over the years.

How you did get started with alternative modeling?:I started posing for photographers on a regular basis after needing images for my dominatrix website. There is a large exhibitionist streak in me and stepping in front of the camera was the perfect outlet. For the most part, these two factors have been combined over the years.

Years of experience:8 years and counting.

Is modeling your dream job or is there something else you would like to do or are doing?:The adult industry has always held a fascination with me - of course it has it's disadvantages, but a major advantage is that for people who are very naturally sexually and sensually expressive, there is a place for them. I have been lucky enough to have done all the jobs in life I have set out to do and being a model is one of them. My main job is professional domination, though that is more of a calling than a 'job' as such. I am living the dream!

Music style:I am a huge fan of EBM and industrial - bands such as Combichrist, VNV Nation and Covenant. Another favourite genre of mine is metal, such as Iced Earth, Sabaton and Ensiferum.

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