The Flamin' Prophets of a New Dawn

Transuranic Heavy Elements
Transuranic Heavy Elements
Release title: 
The Flamin' Prophets of a New Dawn
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Hippybilly Boy Records
Release date: 
June, 2017
Band Members: 

Transuranic Heavy Elements is:
Jani Mäntynen – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mikko Hentta – Bass
Juho Karonen – Drums, Percussion, Vocals


1. Hollow Tree
2. I'm a Boulder
3. Horizontal Champion
4. Rising Toys (Of the Sun)
5. Atlantis Interceptors
6. Those Who from the Heavens Came
7. Mongolian Chambers

Transuranic Heavy Elements is proud to announce the release of their first studio album. The album is available for streaming and digital download on several services including Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and Bandcamp to mention a few. More services will be added.

Finland based Transuranic Heavy Elements has been active since 2015 when they first started to bring life to the concept they have been developing. A strange mixture of different genres takes you to a journey through the mind of a human being to the deepest depths of the oceans – after all, we all come from the realms beyond the stars. Now the time is ready for them to come out. With the release of their first studio album they are returning back to studio to work on the second album.


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