I Bow Candles

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I Bow Candles
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The Outs and Breakdowns of Symmetry
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Rock / Contemporary / Experimental
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Sinnik Al:Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Gareth Llewelyn:vocals
Andy Rozz:Drums

I Bow Candles like to call themselves a contemporary rock band based in Exeter, UK and darkly aging (if not bitterly extinct at this very moment) Athens, Greece. It consists of SinniK Al (also of SlavEATgoD, Seduce the Heaven and Versus Heaven) as the main songwriter/lyricist, guitar noodler and keyboardist, the bitter vagabond Gareth Llewelyn as the oral pleasure provider and Andy Rozz (also of SlavEATgoD and Wild Machine ) as the drummer. Currently, they have finished the recordings of their debut CD "The Outs and Breakdowns of Symmetry", mixed and mastered by Rev.E.Albini (yes, this is how he calls himself and demands to be called), and are ready to hit the road head first the soonest possible.

Official website:  http://ibowcandles.com/Welcome.html

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