Arckanum-Fenris Kindir

Arckanum-Fenris Kindir
Fenris Kindir
Season Of Mist

Arckanum is an old and respected figure in the northern(swedish,to be exact) black metal scene-so,I suppose that most of you already know him.For those that don't:Arckanum is the solo project of Shamaatae,who manages to play all instruments sufficiently.There are some guest appearances on his albums,yet this is a very rare phenomenon.The majority of sounds is created by Shamaatae,himself.Apart from the musical part,it should be noted that he is also an author,having published books and texts concerning chaos gnosis and luciferianism.I think that these information should be more than enough,for the time being,that is.

"Fenris Kindir" is his latest release.Abbandoning the rather melodic black metal sound of his latest efforts,Shamaatae chooses to return to his initial,primal audio roots.Thus,the album is characterised by a harsh,savage sound.This type of sound might seem weird to some-especially when it comes to the guitars.On the other hand though,I think that is exactly the type of production that a project like Arckanum needs.The songs themselves,sound realy good,ranging from ambient overtures,to frantic,chaotic assaults.The main attraction here,is rhythm-perhaps due to the fact that Shamaatae was a drummer,at first.In fact,there is a vibrating,moving rhythmic sense attached to all instruments.Even when it comes down to the guitar.Apart from the traditional black metal instrumentation,there are some violin parts,as well.Faithful to his own tradition,Shamaatae sings in ancient Icelandic.Again,this is something that could perhaps alenate some listeners-although my opinion is that they should obviously think otherwise.Vocals are raspy and grim-exactly as they should be!Arckanum has managed to create his personal,distinctive sound.And that is perhaps his crowning achievement,so far.I would not want to choose any songs as highlights-in my opinion,this album should be better listened to as a whole.It works better that way,I think.

"Fenris Kindir"is a very good,solid release.It might not rank up as high as Arckanum's first opuses.Yet,at the same time,it is a totally strong recording.Personally,I am more than satisfied-Arckanum never disappoints.As simple as that.

1.Fenris Kindir Grua
2.Tungls Tjugari
6.Fenris Gangr
11.Solbols Sigr

8/10       Isabelle S.

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