Degrees (DGRS) - Dream On Dreamy

Degrees (DGRS) - Dream On Dreamy
Dream On Dreamy

It’s been quite the time since I last heard of a good indie band the claiming 90s heritage; moreover this came not from UK, as I expected, but from Sweden.

A little something of Stone Roses, a little something of Ride and The Boo Radleys, and all these mixed through their very personal touch. This is music I personally know that has been influential to thousands of people – it’s not going to leave the fans’ hearts any time soon. From all I‘ve written, you have been to right to realize that their music is actually accessible to a wide audience, however, without any ‘mainstream’ trademark having been spotted! These Swedish manage to capture and serve an ambience of psychical euphoria and also to emit a nostalgic/ melancholic aura hovering in the musical air, that makes one contemplate the splendid moments this musical genre has met. There are neither intensities or experimentations, nor many electro elements - there is barely music, beauty, nostalgia, and, in the end, a somewhat trip atmosphere. I kind of admire them, for they do not persist in the clichés or cope with this era’s “main” stream (meaning, “a little bit of anything” injected in a band’s style), but are actually faithful to their musical roots.

This is a release of quality, a return to the roots, which will come as a pleasant surprise to many fans. However, while knowing how the musical industry works, with the standards not being musical, I worry that this release will not have the impact/ response deserved – but that’s the way it is nowadays. An exceptional piece of art, and a personal recommendation by me to all the friends of indie/ shoegaze scene; a piece brought by two great musicians, Mikael Jakobson and Richard Folke.

1. The Great Big Void
2. Oakland Mountain High
3. Boys of Distortion
4. Beach_Loveison
5. At Least Rock & Roll Won’t Leave A Hole In My Back
6. Idiot Dreaming
7. A New Dawn Fades, A New Dawn Waits
Roads Again
9. Dream On Dreamy

8.5/10   Kostas Sotiriou

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