Ea Indigo-Music For The Lost Children Trapped In The Radioactive Third Dimension

Ea Indigo-Music For The Lost Children Trapped In The Radioactive Third Dimension
Ea Indigo
Music For The Lost Children Trapped In The Radioactive Third Dimension

Presenting “Music For The Lost Children Trapped In The Radioactive Third Dimension”, talk about lengthy album names, was produced by the band titled “Ea-Indigo” which was formed in the Fall of 2014 and solidified their lineup in early 2015. The band soon released their independent debut album on January 16th 2016 which was recorded at Iron Hill Studios in Newton, NH under Ehren Hill while completing their master mix at renowned Watchman Studios under Doug White in Buffalo, NY. Ea Indigo is known for their eclectic writing style and eccentric theatrical stage setup and presence. Drawing from many styles and genres, they are considered to have a "Psychedelic- progressive-alternative- metal" sound intertwined with Folk and Ceremonial Shamanic undertones. The current band members are Stephen Goterch (Guitar/Vox), Dominic Testa (Bass Guitar), Josh Mauro (Drums/Percussion) and Jake Long (Percussion/Drums/Guitar). The band members are interested in Shamanic ceremonial music along with their passion for heavy and classic rock influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Rush, Pantera, Tool, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Mudvayne, Iron Maiden, NIN and Godsmack, has helped fuse the unique diverse sound of the band.

The album starts off with a dark motivating vibe that has a trickling water like effect in the background with noise grains filling up the atmosphere, and soon the focus surrounds the male vocalist who stealthily sneaks into the scene with a slender heavy metal bassline vocals. The purpose of this track was to give a short and precise introduction about what is to come in the upcoming tracks. Moving on to the second track, “Mother” which break opens its way to the spotlight with its aggressive drum beats and neck breaking guitar riffs blowing explosive breeze at the male vocals. Though the percussion is not as dominant as the other instrumentals it still fuses well and contributes well to the overall track. Next, listeners are presented with a mystical track tittles “Ritual”, which compared to previous track lacks in speed but makes up to it with power to crush anything in its way. It is like an evil mystical entity is being summoned with this unholy ritual of a music. To sum it up this track is a bliss for dark mystical metal fans. Track number four, “Isis” is composed well with more variety, an excellent mix of guitars for great layers of rage filled vocals. The intensity doubles at certain phases of the track pumping up the listeners with “destroy at sight” vibe. This track is intense like a gun fire, with tribal drum beats and spine shivering growls.

Next, “The Lion” marks the halfway point of the album, and it is the track with the most playtime. It starts with a composure like a lion focused on its prey and portrays the eyes of king of all animals. This tracks marches with epic instrumentals and has a scrawny screaming vocal cry. A track worth listening to for its amazing intense vibe. “The Pearl” shows off all of the bands styles in a fast-paced attitude. The tribal drums were mind blowing and shoots likes a rapid fire flame. The overall tribal vibe on this track is phenomenal and grows as we move deeper into it. The vocals screech through this jungle of instrumentals and fades away. I am totally in love with this kind of music, and I am positive fans of psychedelic/tribal metal will be too. So don't hesitate, this is a "must have" if you don't already have downloaded their music. This album is a perfect introduction to an extraordinary group and hope they get more famous soon. number seven “In the Wolves Eyes” is hands down the best track on the entire album. Here the percussion takes more of a prominent role in the music and moves the music along while the fascinating guitar riffs and drum beats. The bass is clear and matches the rhythm amazing well and the lyrics are catchy and easy to follow. The vocals and the overall music has this unshakable chill “country” aura floating around it but that did the trick here and kudos to the excellent recording quality. Track number eight “Enonch” starts with this psychedelic melody that rattles along with the tribal drum beats and chants, fading into a sharp supersonic-alien scream. The vocals are badass in here, the vibe is of the charts with this kind of intensity, and it is just unstoppable! The artists move in style in this track, they really enjoy playing around with their passionate talents. Definitely a favorite from the album. Track number nine, “Hell and back” follows the “Never slowing down” attitude like the previous track but with some major variations in the vocal tones and instrumentals. Finally, the album winds up with the track “Music for the Lost Children Trapped in the Radioactive Third Dimension”, the wind around this track is insanely badass and has the killer vibe flowing deep in its veins. This definitely is a work out theme for aliens!

Aside a few other select tracks, much of the music is quite fast-paced and quite intense with perfect bassline and driving beats. It's almost like fusing psychedelic and tribal music together with alien metal artists, if you can picture that with a grin. That's when you realize that this group probably puts a lot of emphasis on just having fun with their music. Favorites from the album in descending order, “In the Wolves Eyes”, “Enonch”, “Music for the Lost Children Trapped in the Radioactive Third Dimension”, “Ritual” and “The Pearl”.

They are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ea.indigo.music


  1. Here Comes the Judge 01:10

  2. Mother 03:29

  3. Ritual 04:20

  4. Isis 05:29

  5. The Lion 06:58

  6. The Pearl 04:37

  7. In the Wolves Eyes 04:20

  8. Enoch 05:55

  9. Hell and Back 05:10

  10. Music for the Lost Children Trapped in the Radioactive Third Dimension 01:27  

    Rating: 8/10 – Priyan T.

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