Enfeeble-Momentum of Tranquility

Enfeeble-Momentum of Tranquility
Momentum of Tranquility

Enfeeble are pretty ‘old’ band, so to say, or better said mature one. They were formed in 2005 in Germany but didn’t go public for a long time. The reason was the tendency of finding the right course of music they want to perform, create and play. Mostly experimenting with thrash metal and modern music of any sort Enfeeble kind of made something new and entertaining. In 2014 they released the first incarnation entitled Encapsulate the Moment. This album was their first ever release after nine years of existence, and soon after the recording process exceeded and resulted in 2015’s second full-length Momentum of Tranquility. I guess that the band performs live shows worth of seeing as the dedication put in making it out as unique and different as possible demands good live shows. The main actors in this play of varieties are Lucas B. as vocal, Pascal S. on guitars and synths, Klaus B. on bass and Christopher G. as the drummer. They all have a dominant role in the band and contribute with their parts as creatively as they can. It’s really hard to put a label on such colorful band, yet the genre it is in the frames of metalcore, with influences of death and thrash metal, progressive and slight industrial aspects as well.

Momentum of Tranquility sounds as very mature and skillfully composed piece. The recording process went on for seven months and resulted in more than 40 minutes of diverse and complex metalcore blaster. All of the 12 songs are very intense and charismatic, strong and passionate. Generally all of them hold a fast pace and majority of fast and strong drum lines. Everywhere and anywhere typical core beatdowns are spread, after every riff, after every solo. The most interesting, and quite frankly surprising topping was the use of electro and EDM moments in the songs. There are synths as well but that wasn’t that astonishing. For example the song Peripetia has a totally electro intro than continues in deep core element with the electro sound and vocals supporting it. I liked that a lot and I am glad someone thought of implementing such moments. The most tense and energetic songs are Hypnophobia, Mistress and Confined, majorly present in the second part of the album that speeds up the ambient a bit. In this second part my favorite song Farewell plays its part. I mostly like it because of the awesome solo/lead guitar intro and constancy of break downs. The first part of the album is kind of warm up with songs like Epiemedia, Shooting Gallery and Middle of Nowhere which are equally good as the later ones, but keep it calm for just a bit. What I most dislike about metal core are the clean and sleazy vocals here and there, but Enfeeble usually add some sort of equally tuned lead guitar in the background making them less annoying.

I really needed couple of spin rounds to hear Momentum of Tranquility thermally and absorb every little bit of guitar, bass and drum drop. I strongly recommend it to anyone in search of musical progress and ingenuity.


  1. Little Change

  2. Epidemedia

  3. Four Eyes (Two Hearts)

  4. Shooting Gallery

  5. Middle of Nowhere

  6. Contended

  7. Mistress

  8. Confined

  9. Illusion

  10. Farewell

  11. Hypnophobia

  12. Peripetia 

    Rating: 8/10 Boris Gjerovski

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