F Kill Mary- Rememory (EP)

F Kill Mary- Rememory (EP)
F Kill Mary
Rememory (EP)

Rememory is the first EP from the Artist ‘F Kill Mary’ from Chicago, Illinois. This artist must be relatively new to many people around the world, though founder Jason Duerr (JD) seems experienced. This EP can be tagged under electronic, darkwave, industrial and techno genre. On this EP we have a total of 6 tracks, and the album features a couple mix. JD demonstrates his talents on the various musical instruments such as Guitars, programming and bass. Unexpectedly, the album cover got my attention, to put it simply, the image portrays a sleek-technologic vibe and hints naughtiness.

The album starts off with “Rememory” which shares the same title with the album itself. The track introduces some mid-paced drum beats wrapped in layers of electronic tones and radiates with a rioting computerized vocals that expresses a sense anger about the way industrial music has changed. The bass guitar brings out the badass nature of the track with a sense of nostalgia techno signatures. With this track I knew this would be a new favorite artist in the techno-electronic, industrial music scene. Track number two “Technica” starts out with the subtle electronic beat slowly building and including distortion through guitar, electronics and the dramatic ‘tech’ vocals. This track is a pure bliss for post-industrial lovers too. Track number three “Wetwork” starts with a mid-paced ‘kick-kick-snare’ sounds and releases the bass style full of hyperkinetic energy travelling smoothly over the driving layers of electronics and drum beats. This has a similar guitar riff patterns, but with enough variation that it doesn't become monotonous and rather enjoyable. “Pain High” opens up with a chill nostalgic vibe, I bet it’s the guitar and drums and the synths sounded like laser beams fired at the digitalized cyber-punk like vocals. As we start to reach the end of the album we're graced with an amazing remix of “Wetwork (tactical mix)”, I’d say this track is boosted with more electronic sounds and has been shorten in play length. Finally, the listeners get a remix of the most favorite track from the album, “Rememory”, this is an instrumental only remix of the original track. I am starting to like this one more than the original version.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this artist ends up making soundtracks for cyberpunk movies, everything comes together so well on this album, with just six tracks, it is still one of the best albums on this genre and it really is almost addictive, definitely electrified and fun to listen to, no matter the setting. Favorite tracks are: “Rememory”, “Wetwork” and “Rememory (Tactical Mix)”. I highly recommend this among fans of techno-industrial, electro-punk, etc. and to those that enjoy artists like ‘Daft Punk’ and wish this artist luck.

They are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/F-Kill-Mary-362649097159736



  1. Rememory 05:20

  2. Technica 03:40

  3. Wetwork 03:09

  4. Pain High 04:16

  5. Wetwork Tactical Mix 02:21

  6. Rememory Naked Mix 05:20 

    Rating: 8.5 /10 – Priyan T.

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