Grimorian-Black Ring

Grimorian-Black Ring
Black Ring

Black Ring is a fantastic debut album by Grimorian, formed by a progressive/instrumental duo from Monterrey, Mexico After the disbanding of their previous band in 1999, the band decided to move forward with a musical project that allowed them to work freely with musical guests and create a band that would enable their members to play with any ideas, styles or influences they felt like and also to be able to create not only music but original visual art, design, multimedia and more all created exclusively by its members much like a collective. Main musical influences for the band are Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Avantgarde Metal, Jazz, Prog instrumental, Ambient Music and others. This album was released on 2015 and the album has eight tracks.

The album opens up with “Black Ring” a heavenly melodic tune that just melts the stress away from the listeners, it feels so light and yet provokes deep relaxing thoughts. The mixture of melodic piano and metal guitar and drums with some haunting effects thrown in for good measure made this track an immediate favorite of mine. With greater expectation, we move on to the next track, titled “Lost”, this track’s opening got my ear drums fall in love with it, the bass, this is not just any loud irritating bass, this is the bass of pure melancholy, unfathomable by anyone till they get to experience on their own. The track comes to a quick end since it only has around a minute of play time. This is track was addicting given the short length, I am addicted to this kind of bass and I’m pretty sure any passionate instrumental music lover would definitely melt in the quality of this sound, I call it the ‘perfect’ bass. After hitting the replay for a dozen times, we move on to the third track, titled “Crescent Hotel” which opens with some simple catchy melodic tones and introduces a sweet sharp nostalgic female vocals which drives directly into the spotlight and bursts with energy as soon as the guitar and drums get fired up, soon it turns into head banging-dance friendly atmosphere. Overall, the track follows a dark gothic rock style and gave a chill crescent moon theme party in the haunted castle like vibe with some sinisterly badass echoes of male chorus in the background. This track really surprised me when I thought I know what these guys are capable of, these guys are extremely talented to pull off a track like this. I’m impressed and totally in love with this kind of music. Track number four “Nighttime View Through a Windshield”, here the bass is further fine-tuned and drifts in a soft and slower mid-tempo pace. This is the track to enjoy while sitting in a car under the moonlight on a rainy day and gazing at the night through the windshield. As the track reaches its end it becomes more enlightened, making everything very clean and understandable. A short and beautiful track added to my favorites. Crossing the hallway point in the album, we are presented with “Blood Red” which is the fifth track from the album. The opening was addictive, wish they had given the opening instrumental more time to grow. The melody is accompanied by drums and guitar riffs in the background making it more dominant. On reaching halfway, the track transforms into a sharper version with many melodic signatures that keeps the listeners intrigued. Great use of textures here with a nice enjoyable dynamic rhythm. “Murmur” is the sixth track from the album, with a pretty solid opening, and the bassline is phenomenal on this one with a chill emotionally charged melody that is highly admirable, the atmosphere get intense with more added layers of instrumentals but in its core lies the melody and reaching its end, all the instrumentals eject out except for the guitar cover. This is definitely a favorite! Track number seven, “Calavera” opens up with a suspense filled instrumental tones that lurks in the shadow and pounces into the spotlight with the guitar and drum beats. The pace of the track changes dynamically and transcends into different layers of themes. This is an instrumental extravaganza some will enjoy. The album wraps up with the track “Phantasm”, which sticks to the theme of its name by summoning many eerie instrumental tones and subtle bass that are layered together with the melancholic melodies to form a phantasmagoric effect on the listeners.

While these are all stellar pieces, it's hard to even continue describing them, these tracks must be experience for anyone to understand how extraordinarily the artists demonstrated their talents. So I'll leave it at that and simply say that this album is to die for and encourage anyone and everyone that has ever enjoyed any type of melodic rock, instrumentals, etc. to go out, pick up and enjoy every minute of this album. Favorites from the album in descending order, “Murmur”, “Lost”, “Crescent Hotel”, “Black Ring”, “Nighttime View Through a Windshield”, “Blood Red” and “Phantasm”.

They are on soundcloud: and I wish they would make a Facebook page soon. Hope they make more albums like this one, or even better wish them luck and I am sure they will be catching many moviemaker’s attention because these are a great soundtrack material too.


  1. Black Ring 4:31

  2. Lost 1:46

  3. Crescent Hotel 5:33

  4. Nighttime View Through a Windshield 2:13

  5. Blood Red 5:12

  6. Murmur 4:06

  7. Calavera 6:01

  8. Phantasm 5:36 

    Rating: 8 /10 – Priyan T.

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