Inmost Silence-Crawling In Circles

Inmost Silence-Crawling In Circles
Inmost Silence
Crawling In Circles

This is a disc that was-thankfully-sent to me by this band.They come out of germany,and this album is a self released affair.Their name initially brought to mind Current 93-yet this is a totally different case,altogether."Crawling In Circles" consists of 6 songs-therefore it could be seen as a mini album.Nevertheless,it is a great introduction to their work,so far.

Their style could be described as a hybrid close to the genre known as "female fronted" Metal.I would really hesitate to use that term though,since that scene is mostly dominated by trendy,talentless formations.And that is not the case here,for sure!"Self-Deification" sets the mood,opting for a dramatic,eerie tone-relying heavily on crystal clear female vocals.The band is really tight,and has some very nicely performed riffs to display.Of course this sound is not something completely new-yet,Inmost Silence easily show that they can write interesting tunes.And great,emotional melodies,as well.They maintain the same level of quality at all times,thankfully.Balancing between metal and gothic,this band certainly is a very pleasant surprise.

So,in the end,my opinion is that they should seriously think about releasing a full length album.In the meantime,this is a splendid release.

2.Condemned To Fall
3.Deceiving Lights
4.Frozen Daydream
5.Tell Me
6.Trapped In Life

 8/10      Isabelle S.

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