Luna Rise-Dark Days & Bright Nights

Luna Rise-Dark Days & Bright Nights
Luna Rise
Dark Days & Bright Nights

Luna Rise is a five membered rock band from Austria, they typically produce music by blending many genres of rock but they can be tagged with melodic rock or heart rock. The band members are: L.X. (Keys), Luke Vegas (Guitars), Pete P. (Bass), Loup-Garou (Drums) and Chris Divine (Vocals). They have been embraced with success on many EPs and they have been nominated for the Austrian Newcomer Award. These guys are really famous for their uplifting, emotional, and dark melodic music, they have released a fantastic album titled ‘Dark Days & Bright Nights’ which is what we will be covering here. This album consists of twelve tracks and follows a dark vs light theme which is excellently portrayed through the album cover that has a killer Ying-Yang symbol.

Firing up the first track from the album, ‘Demons Inside’ opens up with a sinister ghastly howl like effect that fades into a whisper giving the spotlight to the male vocalist which is layered with stunning guitar and drums. The highlight in this track would be the main vocals & lyrics and the background haunting vocals which growls and howls from time to time. And nearing the end, the guitar riffs nailed it with absolute perfection. I was immediately pleased with this track as it quickly became a favorite from that album. After looping the first track for several times, I hit the next button to fire up the second track from the album ‘RZRKT’ opens up with a radio glitch like effect and explodes into a scream, though only for an instant, it quickly transforms into a mid-paced clear rock vocals accompanied by background instrumentals and growls, the drum provides a solid layer for all the other instrumentals and in certain parts the guitar riffs take over the spotlight by fusing with the keys sound. Track number three ‘Valentine’ opens with a stunning guitar riffs and other background effects that teleports the listeners to an emotional rainy valentine’s day. The key sounds were brilliant here that provides a romantic layer to the overall theme. This song was really addicting even though it is really simple, I think the lyrics and clear vocals are the key elements on this track. ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ is the fourth track from the album, it has an exquisite opera themed opening that slowly floats in the air and transforms into a fast paced track with catchy lyrics and once again the soft, keys melody are added for an excellent mix and perfect mood. The title of this track is perfect, the track gives a melancholic vibe yet it is a piece to dance with tears in the eyes. Track number five ‘For A Reason’ leaves the listeners breathless again with absolutely splendid music and vocals. Things like the subtle guitar and melodic keys compliment the emotionally-ridden & crystal clear vocals perfectly. I really loved the way the guitar riffs took control over the track at certain points without sounding unpleasant.

At this point we reach the halfway mark with ‘The Secret In You’, we're presented with nearly an acapella track for some time, but, when the bass kicks in with heart rendering melodies the listeners can experience a state of ecstasy for about a minute, then again, the track further transforms into a full-fledged beast with all guitars, drums and background vocals and fades into thin air with a hint of bass and very subtle key tones. Track number seven ’Silent Screams’ is the perfect way to kill the darkness and move into the light, when the listeners get hit with this song they will feel like being chased with their life on the line, but then again to realize that it was only a dream and everything is back to normal. Nice beats and riffs on this track with superb vocals, this track can be enjoyed by anyone, it was so pleasant to hear and really gives out the rock aura. Track number eight ‘Worshippin' Shadows’ starts with a signature guitar riff and picks up the pace to a dance-friendly beat. It's not just the dance beat that sets this tracks apart, but the overall moving and melodic nature of the keys that I really enjoyed. ‘Until The Stars Have Come’ is the ninth unique track from the album, this is the first track in the album that brings in the female vocalist to light. The male and female vocals had a great chemistry and seemed so cool when they were fused together, even though the track started with a fast paced moody vibe, soon it was transformed into a little more up-beat chill-out style track. ‘In Your Arms’ gives out a sweet melody over the backdrop of the moving guitar rhythm and drum beats. This track some strange effects in the middle, counting the timer vocals samples, etc. Nice experimentation with effects, surely a nice mixture, and it's this type of mix that this group can pull off that demonstrates how talented and promising their music is. Moving near the end, the listeners are hit with ‘The Storm’ which is the eleventh track from the album. This piece has a nice texture and brings out a melancholic yet enjoyable atmosphere. The vocals are clear, emotionally charged and gives out a nice vibe according to the theme with the help of background effects. ‘The Anthem Of The Night’ becomes the final piece on the album wrapping up a great work from this band. It opens with some amazing effects of natural sounds, the solid vocals form a nice foundation for the music and the bass was absolutely stunning without being overwhelming. The creepy sinister whispers on the background gives of a light vs dark feel, like a demon singing along with an angel. This is a powerful piece that could easily make a lasting impression on the listeners mind craving for more. Especially the bass breaks in midst of the transition.

Overall everything is perfectly balanced and the music delivered with absolute quality thanks to the brilliant recording studio. I was mind blown by the male vocalist’s talent, and I wish they’d produce tracks with the female vocalist as the lead. Favorites on this album are nearly every piece. As I listened to it over and over again, trying to choose the best tracks was hard and I could easily play the entire album but the following tracks are best of the best in the album: “The Secret In You” (Made me listen for an entire day), “Demons Inside”, “Valentine”, “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”, “The Storm” and “The Anthem Of The Night”. This band should be commended for this album, it is a true masterpiece in these genres. Fans this band and melodic rock will absolutely love it, don't hesitate to check it out and pick it up!

Here is the link to their Facebook page: and you guys can check them out in ‘bandcamp’ webpage too.


  1. Demons Inside 04:32

  2. RZRKT 04:06

  3. Valentine 04:05

  4. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 03:44

  5. For A Reason 04:32

  6. The Secret In You 04:04

  7. Silent Screams 03:42

  8. Worshippin' Shadows 03:58

  9. Until The Stars Have Come 04:31

  10. In Your Arms 04:47

  11. The Storm 03:39

  12. The Anthem Of The Night 05:38 

    Rating: 9.5 /10 – Priyan T.

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