My Own Sorrow-The Entity

My Own Sorrow-The Entity
My Own Sorrow
The Entity

For all the Goth fans and other haunting industrial music lovers, presenting this new gothic-darkwave-industrial album “The Entity” from the artist “My Own Sorrow”. Patrik is a relatively new solo artist from Sweden, an electronic solo act that formed in late 2013. His second album ‘Infernal Odyssey’ was released a few months ago and this is his third album, which is a 2016 release. The band’s name was inspired by 19th century love for melancholy and horror authors such as Edgar Allan Poe or HP Lovecraft. Inspirations for his music includes ‘God Module’ and acts such as ‘Suicide Commando’. This album has a total of ten tracks with dark industrial track names and it is time to check them out.

The album summons the track titled “No Escape”, it gives off sinister heart throbbing vibe with heavy bass and electro crunches. The scrambled vocals float in air like a noisy, modulated speech and a wave of synth accompanied by other industrial sound effects follows till the end. Track number two “Succusbus” begins with hateful scrambled vocal, it begins with agitation, thanks to the fast tempo and modern vibe. Since the song's subject and mood sound uneasy, the synth is joined by drums and vocals simultaneously, adding more heaviness and torment. The sinister dark ecstasy rhythm continues over the track from start to finish. “Asylum” is the third track from the album, compared to the previous track the heaviness in this track has been doubled, the over vibe is ‘torture’, with perfectly suitable effects and maintains the sinister dark nature to the core. Track number four “The Entity”, it is hands down the best track that felt like a horror movie. The vocals are ominous and creepy enough to make the listeners ears sweat out of panic. The background female chorus with a creepy sharp melody just does the trick here, it would be deadly if anyone had to listen to this track alone during late nights. Track number five “Posses The Machine” is opens up with a frightening mechanical objects banging together, it starts out fairly slow and subdued, gradually building up and morphing through various styles of industrial, more like the darkest part of industrial music. The vocals got super creepy to the point where the listeners might just freak out if they were listening it on an abandoned construction site. Tack number six “Brooding” has the typical industrial vibe from the start, the vocals have noticeably changed from the previous track, like it got sharper all of the sudden. This is one of a short length track and therefore ended rather soon. Track number seven “Rituals” releases a poisonous dark noise into the listeners mind, more like the surroundings of a haunted mansion during foggy nights, the beat is absolutely mind blowing, the bass is badass and stares right through the listeners eyes with the most sinister eyes. The creepy melodic tones spins around the listeners head while the background darkwave synth tones perform their rituals, it really captivates the heart and soul in a dark way. “Rats in The Walls” opens up with a threatening church bell like effect and just when the bell’s noise fade away the sinister scrambled demonic vocals enters the scene accompanied by a rumbling bass tones and whip lash like effect. “Black Thorn” surprising opens up with a sinister version of the female vocals and hands the spotlight to the male vocals in the background, echoing wave of melancholy and haunted memories flashes throughout this tracks vibe. “Dark Vortex” is the final track from the album, the bass can hit pretty high from time to time, the eerie breath taking effects slowly transcend from an inhale to exhale like effect. The electronic elements makes their present towards the very end and closes the track perfectly.

This is my first time experiencing industrial music with this much dark vibe, all the ten tracks were composed flawlessly on the given theme. The artist’s dream to be able to contribute or create music for any horror movie or video game would become a reality soon because these tracks are dark enough to send chills down the spine, and given the visuals if these were to be played in a horror movie soundtrack it would be the most eerie experience to the audience. Favorites from the album in descending order: ‘Rituals’, ‘The Entity’, ‘Possess The Machine’ and ‘No Escape’. Overall, it comes to the mood the listener is in, normally these tracks are not the ‘listen anytime-anywhere’ materials, the mood should all be set in order for most to enjoy these, and I wish to see this artist achieve his dream soon.

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  1. No Escape 03:34

  2. Succubus 03:47

  3. Asylum 03:32

  4. The Entity 03:15

  5. Possess The Machine 03:17

  6. Brooding 02:58

  7. Rituals 02:43

  8. Rats In The Walls 03:52

  9. Black Thorn 03:26

  10. Dark Vortex 01:51 

    Rating: 8.0 /10 – Priyan T.

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