Other Eyes Wise - Zer(o)

Other Eyes Wise - Zer(o)
Other Eyes Wise
Wormholedeath Records

Other Eyes Wide is composed of three members who create extreme music with a down tuned, progressive edge. Their debut album Zer(o) was released in March 2014. The album cover is rather curious, and leaves me wondering what on earth I'm going to encounter when I press play.


The album starts with a gorgeous, gentle, almost haunting sound. It's as if the guitars are being played by ghosts. I find myself really rather surprised. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. I feel almost sad when the first track finishes. The album moves into something much more abrasive and it's like a sudden shock to the system. The vocals alternate. One moment they're clean and smooth, the next, they're harsh and brutal. The entire band handle the shifts exceptionally well, maintaining smooth transitions from one sound to another. I'm not all that keen on the clear vocals, but at moments, the harsher vocals, especially the screams and growls hit something buried deep inside me. At moments they're concentrated evil. Despite having a liking for the harsh vocals, I appreciate the quieter, more insular, instrumental moments more than anything else.

Zer (o) is an album that will satisfy metal fans across the board. It's a powerful release, one which harnesses elements of multiple genres, and makes them work together like a newly oiled machine.


1. Zer (0)
2 .Almost Asleep
3. Climb Above
4 .Decade of Struggle
5 .You're Wrong, You're Right
6. Vague Monster
7 .Awkward Eclipse
8 .Paths
9. Beyond Belief
10 .Notes of Joy


Rating: 7.5/10   Katie Metcalfe

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