Sabbath Assembly-Ye Are Gods

Sabbath Assembly-Ye Are Gods
Sabbath Assembly
Ye Are Gods
Ajna Offensive/Svart Records

The Work presented here is the second opus of Sabbath Assembly.Since this is definitely conceptually driven music,some words on my behalf would be needed,in order to shed some light to this band's spiritual background.To cut a long story short,this ensemble was created on an impulse to perform hymns,that were originally conducted by the Process Church of the Final Judgement.This institution(or cult,if you may)had its heyday back in the 60's,at a time when lots of individuals were experimenting with "bizarre" religious ideas.The main characteristic of the former organization was their constant belief in both the Lord,but also Satan,at the same time!Not that long ago,a publication concerning the teachings and preachings of this Church was released(Love,Sex,Fear,Death-published by Feral House,written by Timothy Wyllie).Upon reading this book,I was convinced that someone would attempt to re-deliver the Process' hymns,since there were notes,as well as lyrics,inside the book.

The attempt was made by Sabbath Assembly,a group of musicians gathered around Genesis P-Orridge,who had some association with this Church,in the past.I would be inclined to add Genesis' own exploration regarding sorcery and wisdom,back in the days of the Thee Temple ov  Psychick Youth.Not to mention his days as a pioneer of industrial music and aesthetics in general,both in Throbbing Gristle and Psychic Tv,respectively.The difficult task of delivering new editions of these hymns,as well as composing fresh tunes to accompany the aforementioned ones,is handled by Dave Nuss,of No-Neck Blues Band,who is halfly responsible for the production of this release.Most of the vocals on the band's first album were sung by Jex Thoth,well known for her presence in the occult rock compo of the same name.Which somehow brings us to today,where the second album of Sabbath Assembly sees the light of day.One change of personnel is imminent,as Jex Thoth is no longer a member of the band.Jamie Myers fills her place,doing a tremendous job,I might add!in fact,I believe that her vocals not only are suitable for these hymns,but,moreover,cherish these songs with passion,in an artistic,devotional manor.Therefore,I assume that this change has been a significant one,helping this band into releasing an enormously strong album.The songs mostly move around folk roads.Since the concept is obviously apocalyptic,I would not hesitate to call them as an apocalyptic folk scheme.Their delivery though is of a more dramatic nature,since there are traces of liturgy,orchestra and theatre,all at once.Genesis appears as a Sacrifist(narrator),while the music on display here,is complex and immensely rich in emotions.It is obvious by the nature of this material,that there lies something deeper than the music itself,in spiritual terms.And that is the greatest compliment someone could make on this disc,I believe!The seriousness of this project transforms this work into a coherent,deeply sentimental exercise on the Inner Light.

Naturally,I would suggest that these 40 minutes of music,should be treated as a whole.Should someone wish to seek "highlights" herein,though,my initial suggestions would be: "We Come From the One","Bless Our Lord and Master","Christ,You Bring the End"..Ultimately,this is a deeply esoteric experience,attributed to those who enjoy inner explorations..Hands down,one of the finest releases of 2012,according to me.


1. Let Us All Give Praise and Validation
2. We Come From the One
3. Bless Our Lord and Master
4. We Give Our Lives
5. Exit
6. Christ, You Bring the End
7. And the Clarion Calls
8. In the Time of Abaddon II
9. Transcendence
10. The Love of the Gods
 8.5/10    Isabelle S.

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