Sect Pig-Slave Destroyed

Sect Pig-Slave Destroyed
Sect Pig
Slave Destroyed
Nuclear War Now!

This is the first release for Sect Pig-an enigmatic collective of musicians who choose to remain anonymous."Slave Destroyed" is a mini-album,consisting of 6 tracks,whereas its duration is something more than 19 minutes.The sounds on display here are strongly rooted in black/death extravagance.Something rational perhaps,since the label responsible for the release of this disc is Nuclear War Now! productions,a label known for specializing in all things bestial.

But,in order to be more precise,I should also note the large influence of Von.Indeed so,this material seems to be initially derived as Von worship.Yet,the frequent-and succesful-use of samples,along with some more experimental moments,make this a somehow unique gem.Do not worry though-the tag "experimental"does not mean that there are not any bestial,relentless passages.Instead,this is a totally aggressive release,fueled by high speed drumming and deep,Von-style growls.Another noteworthy detail,would be the artwork,which is totally suitable for this band's audio savagery.Since there is an aura of mystery enshrouding this project,I am pretty sure that there will be a lot of speculations regarding the members' identities and so forth..Speculations aside though,this is a trully powerful and stunning recording.

Personally,I am satisfied for sure-moreover,I think that a full length should be in line.

1.Slave Destroyed
2.Master Revealed
3.Mankind Dusted
4.Apex Release
5.Death Kneel
6.Temple Escape

 8/10      Isabelle S.

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