The Shiva Hypothesis-Promo 2015

The Shiva Hypothesis-Promo 2015
The Shiva Hypothesis
Promo 2015

The Shiva Hypothesis are a black/death metal band from Twente, Netherlands. They were formed in 2012 and up to date they have released only one EP, the one I am about to review. The band consists of the members ML (bass, keys, additional vocals, songwriting), JB (guitar and songwriting), BN (drums) and MvS (vocals). What took three years to release just one EP consisted of three songs was the pursuit of finding the right way of expression and interpretation of music. Swimming in the waters of UG metal you will feel like a single wave, out of the thousands and thousands new ones all around you. It may seem really hard to stand out at the beginning, but as the time progresses and wave continues its flow it gets bigger and bigger until finally it is big enough to scare the heck out of people. In addition, the lyrics are well written and giving an example of great ideas like mythology or comparative religions explained.

That’s what The Shiva Hypothesis managed to do with this EP. Scare people. But not those that don’t want to be scared, rather those who want to hear something new and thrilling and identify themselves with it. The band definitely managed to fill and the empty puzzle places and create an image of something astonishing. The EP kicks in with Caduceus¸ an opening with a lot of sense and dynamics. The intro is quite heavy and then turns to dark and blackened blast beat with many varieties throughout the song. Actually, the songs on this EP don’t have a certain arranging method, they were just played out of the pure heart during the process of making. Back to Caduceus, this song has both blackened and death metal moments, with a bit of thrashing at the mere end. The vocals change to growls and scream simultaneously and keep the balance of tight atmosphere and loosen wild one. Praedormitium is the next song and contains a deeper to the core vibe. The majority of the essence in this song is towards the death metal subgenre, and the band is really kicking the core out of it. The atmosphere continues being dark, especially with the synths in the background. At last, the finisher is the 9-minute cocktail called Maze of delusion. Why did I call it a cocktail? Because everything was thrown in, every last bit of surprise that The Shiva Hypothesis kept under their sleeves. The song is vigilant, mystical and shamefully ruthless. There is death metal, there is thrash metal, there is black metal, and even emotional acoustic parts. Everything blended in so nicely and gave the big picture of the bands existence.

These 9 minutes will pass as quick as the blink of an eye. The only thing I minded was the drum sound, kind of weak, but since it’s an EP it’s no big deal. With this, the EP closes in and leaves you to wait impatiently for the next great album they are going to throw out.

1. Caduceus



Rating: 8/10 Boris Gjerovski

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