Slitherum-Godbox Suicide

Slitherum-Godbox Suicide
Godbox Suicide
Self Released

Godbox Suicide is the first full length album created by “Slitherum”, a fresh gothic-grunge metal band from Athens, Greece. They were formed in 2015 with the following band members Marinos Nikolaos (vocals), John Kalamata (guitar, bass, and keyboards), Antonis Kanaris (drums). This album has a total of seven tracks and the album art portrays a dark, sinister and ungodly image which might very well be the core theme of this album.

The album opens up with the track titled “Lechona” which is a full length instrumental track that sends chills down the listener’s spines with sinister satanic chants and echoes that resonates into the depths of hell. It is a perfect intro but at the same time it was hard to grasp the talents of the artists with this piece alone, and therefore moving on to the next track “Feet” which fires up the true nature of this band. The track kicks it off with the soaring guitars and fast paced drum beats creating an excellent atmosphere backing the dark-metal vocals. To be honest the vocals were perfect for this kind of music. This a badass track with a demonic domination in style kind of vibe. The third track from the album is “Godbox Suicide”, this track emanates with pure passion for this genre of music and keeps the pace and intensity up. The male vocals emerges here with its true nature and vibe. The instrumentals were great here and really shows dynamism during its playtime. Track number four “Vulnus” opens up with a melancholic melody and pointing the focus on the dark grunge vocals which is layered with nostalgic guitar riffs and drum instrumentals. Track number five “Mother” starts with a burst of energy from various layers of grinding and soaring guitar. The vocals transcend from the normal male baritone to a sharp dark metal growl while the intensity of the instrumentals grows in intensity, and fades away with a slow paced gloomy vocal play. “Child” is the next track from the album, which opens with a chill instrumental cover with lesser intensity when compared to the previous ones, the vocals were amazing on this one, literally surprised me and definitely will surprise any listener with its crystal clear charismatic clarity. Hands down the most favorite track from the album with the lengthiest play time. The album winds up with the track titled “Cure” the final epic track to land on the favorites from the album, the bass is solid and is a definite driver from the start to finish and the awesome guitar cover is so captivating and makes the listeners want more. The vocals on this track shows a different variation when compared with the previous tracks, it is dark, dense and noble. The track fades away with a bang leaving an impression on the listener’s mind.

Overall the album portrayed the dark metal theme while fusing with various styles of metal and kept the focus on the gothic, post metal and dark rock for the most parts. This first album is a great start for this band and the quality of this album is excellent. These artists demonstrated what they have at their disposal and I am pretty sure they will be growing a huge fan base soon. Favorites from the album include “Child”, “Cure”, “Godbox Suicide” and “Feet” but the last two tracks from the album where on a different level of splendid ness when compared to the other favorites, hope they make more tracks like those in the future. It's definitely worth picking up and enjoying.

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  1. Lechona 03:32

  2. Feet 03:14

  3. Godbox Suicide 03:24

  4. Vulnus 04:13

  5. Mother 02:43

  6. Child 05:01

  7. Cure 04:36  

    Rating: 8.5 /10 – Priyan T.

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