Victorient-The Old Curiosity Shop

Victorient-The Old Curiosity Shop
The Old Curiosity Shop

Victorient is a band with a lot of Goth, doom metal, 80's synth with a bit of good old fashioned rock the first album will be an introduction to fantasy stories and dark reality. Sam and Tansy Dunham-Carter are the ones who created this band, one with a doom metal background the other learning and experimenting with ethereal sounds. While this is not easy to explain or categorize to give the reader an idea, the general feeling from these two genres fits nicely as a description of their music. The idea behind this was to make a band that sounded almost as if it was a strange record found in a pub in it's heyday of eighties. Currently, they have introduced a new album “The Old Curiosity Shop” which is planned to be released by 1st of March 2016 and will be available in bandcamp website for "pay what you like" price.

The album starts to wind down with the appropriately named piece "Storm Within", the magical world of the music comes alive with this one. The track opens up with a bass filled guitar tone which is like the calmness before a storm. The track gets fired up along with the introduction of the female vocalist, with smooth female vocals gliding through the layered music often laced with metal background rhythms or an overall gothic feel and sometimes various dark synth themed backgrounds along with the chorus which creates the foundation for their style. This one takes the ethereal dream-world by storm but it never ends here, delving into the second track “Camden” which kicks off with a killer guitar riff and introduces the female vocals with a groovy toned synth or distorted instruments that slips into the dark recesses of the black-clad gothic domain, it all exists in one form or another. Tansy’s vocals did wonders on this one.

Track number three “Flower of Pain” surprisingly brings us out of the gloomier moods and breathes life into the world with the more energized guitar tones and vocals. This track has a touch of 80’s all over it, but that is something I personally admired very much. Track number four “Boleyn” is one of the most anticipated tracks from these guys, it opens with a killer piece of instrumentals which shows the serious nature of this track. The vocals were heavier in comparison, the guitar work on this makes this track drift towards the pure doom metal nature.

Track number five “Siren” is named correctly, as this track opens with an experimental psychedelic siren tone that fades away into the female vocalist’s voice and the male vocal’s chorus effect. This is slow paced track that brings out the ‘angelic’ mode into the listeners mind. Track number six “Spirit Guide” opens up without any instrumentals backing up the female vocals but that was the motive here, the clear vocals displays the talent of the female vocalist splendidly. The track transforms into a rather fast paced one, and the guitar loops strike well with a blend of nostalgic nature. “Voodoo Girl” is the seventh track form the album, it starts off with a gloomy toned vocals and gives out a ‘possessed’ vibe. The way the female vocalist controls her tone is incredible here and the way she demonstrated it here is most suited for this track. This track’s instrumental is a gothic drenched masterpiece. “Beckenham Vampires & Croydon Zombies” is the near end track and my final favorite form the album, but the name can be a bit hard to pronounce. The opening music was brilliant, which I can listen to all day in loop. The female vocals were great as usual but strangely the male vocalist’s voice did the trick here, the chorus was well synchronized and brought out the gothic potential of this track. The album fades away with the final track “Ode to Halloween” which is like an outro, or rather a slow paced creepy track to show of the sinister nature of the album.

In conclusion, without a doubt this duo has tons of talent and creativity as portrayed through each track. We are treated with their brilliant talents covering a broad range of instrumentals that illustrate their own diverse influences as well as their unique way of bringing them all together into one cohesive, intriguing and captivating album. The production of this album is excellent and sounds remarkably well in digital format. Once again, this is a highly recommended work from this band, hope they produce more albums in the upcoming years. Favorite tracks from this album: “Storm Within”, “Camden” “Flower of Pain”, “Voodoo Girl” and “Beckenham Vampires & Croydon Zombies”.

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  1. Storm Within (05:00)

  2. Camden (04:54)

  3. Flower of Pain (02:53)

  4. Boleyn (06:17)

  5. Siren (04:02)

  6. Spirit Guide (03:19)

  7. Voodoo Girl (03:20)

  8. Beckenham Vampires & Croydon Zombies (03:40)

  9. Ode to Halloween (04:30) 

    Rating: 9.0 /10 – Priyan.T

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