Since its birth,Arkane continues to be a trully gifted and unique project.This fact alone has already been exemplified by his works up to now,which could be considered among the finest pieces of neo-classical art,worldwide speaking.As time approaches for Arkane's next evolutionary step,I had a pleasant conversation with ArkanumX,sole entity behind this project.Pure mesmerising  seduction,that is.. first question is about your forthcoming album:give us all needed details regarding its recording progress,date of release,concept..Also,any other necessary information that you'd like to share with us,concerning your next step.
Mesmeric Masqurade Seduction shall see the light of release on the first day of January 2012,according to the schedule.I have worked really hard on this album in order to accomplish perfection,stigmatized by a professional and more sophisticated musical and artistic concept, Arkane manages to stimulate the mesmerizing aesthetics of seduction.The new material is a concept album, it is a musical and aesthetic concept based on the Mesmerism of Masquerade Seduction in 10 parts. All music has a similar,almost complulsive common song structure with intense atmosphere that delivers profound sentiments of Seductive Mesmerising Art, thus driving the listener to a Mesmerising Trance Ecstatic Alluring Seducement !!!

"Enraptured Serene Mesmerism" was a masterpiece in my opinion,both in terms of sound/composition but also in terms of artistic presentation.Should we expect the same for your new album?Is presentation in general(cover,pictures,portraits,masks)important to you?
Thank You for saying this but I strongly believe that Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction shall be my ultimate masterpiece,the epitome of my artistic perfection...This second Arkane album , I regard it as my real debut ,due to the fact that Enraptured Serene Mesmerism was only 39 minutes long and also because after 11 years of deep concentration and profound research,I have finally got to discover the real sound that I have always dreamt of..It is not a very different perspective from Enraptured Serene Mesmerism ,yet it's most completed,sophisticated and mature...It's Pure Mesmerising Seductive Art In 10 Parts ..Profound Neoklassikal soundtrack-ish Mesmerism connected with operatic female vocals in addition to some Anatolian Mysticism touches in them .So as far as I'm concerned this is a vast evolution to Arkane sound,visions,aesthetics and concept !Yes, Arkane is not solely musical,it's artistic...The pictures from prominent artists that I use on Arkane Myspace and Facebook can totally depict my new material… The Artistic Mesmerising Seductive concept is how Arkane sounds.It is Musik that allures you and yet you cannot resist but be Mesmerised ..Eternally ..The whole new album is a seductive mesmerism,non stop.

Your existence as Arkane dates back to some years(having started as XarkaneX).Yet you have only released 2 albums so far.Why is that?Do you think that your compositions need time to develop as a whole?
Arkane commenced its musical procedure in 2000 by the name XarkaneX and released Arcane Elitism in 2002….This had been a period of deep experimentation which has lasted until now..I can't condone the Arcane Elitism and Enraptured Serene Mesmerism because they are both parts of my musical history,but this is what I have always dreamed of and will be presented with the release of Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction in 2012… I really need a long long period of time…being a perfectionist I dwelve into every single detail, which is really a tiring procedure which demands a vast amount of time ..I'm not interested in quantity but quality…

To the lyrical aspect now:what type of themes do you find appropriate to use for Arkane songs?
All texts deal with Mesmerism,Seduction,….The Masquerade Artistic Eroticism of Seduction,the Mesmerism of Aesthetics..Beauty,Charm,Enticement,Allurement,Mystique…

Do you think that,until now,your work has been well received by audiences and critics alike?What are your expectations,regarding that matter,for the coming future?
Arkane is really underground…..It's not music for the masses..Although I'm not disatisfied with the reception all over the years…It could always have been better...But my main priority is to create art and not to look at  statistics …I do everything myself...I'm not supported by any label,group,and so on..I'm trying to spread out the message over the net ..On Myspace, Facebook ,Youtube ..I thank everyone who has supported me so far..Much appreciated ..

You started out as part of Fiendish Nymph,who later adopted a rather different sound,as Daemonia Nymphe.Is there any comment you'd like to add concerning these projects?What were your thoughts/emotions back then?
"Ladon envy her beauty,for her body to drown in"..
Unforgetable great old times..

Being part of the ever growing hellenic scene,are there any bands/artists that you would honestly recommend to us?
I think that the hellenic scene is one of the best worldwide…Support the hellenic scene..Support ----- Arkane , Daemonia Nymphe, Septic Flesh , Chaostar ,Siva Six , Dirty Granny Tales.This is the “holy 6 Pack for me “.Those Projects are not just good.They are among the best worldwide,no question about it ...

As far as I know,Arkane has been a studio project.What are the main reasons behind this decision?Do you intend to perform live one day?
Personally I don’t like to be exposed on stage ..It's also hard to reproduce Arkane in a live situation, as it will need a whole theatrical show which for the time being is utopic…

If you had to characterise your musical output,by using a small description,what would that be?Moreover,do you feel part of any artistic movement in particular?
I'm part of the Neoklassikal Movement which numbers projects like Dead Can Dance (Old) , Elijah's  Mantle, Arcana , The Protagonist,Chaostar , Elend …. But I would prefer to call my Musik  Mesmerising Seductive  Art ..I'm heavily influenced by soundtracks and artists like Woijchiech Killar (Ninth Gate), Hans Zimmer (Da Vinci Code),Elliot Goldenthal( Interview With A vampire) ,James Horner (Troy)Danny Elfman. (Sleepy Hollow) ..Arkane has its own distinctive sound and concept which emphasises on the Mesmeric ….I'm the only project world wide in which female operatic voices are so dominant and play the basic role in each and every composition..

How is living in Hellas affecting your sound?Does this fact alone,coming out of Hellas that is,inspire you in any possible way?
Not really…My musical inspiration is central european mainly,but lately I am deeply fascinated by the Anatolian Mysticistic sound as well…

Apart from your new album,what should we expect of you in the near future?
I am involved in many compilations …Thanateros, Septem and Beyond The Mirror Of  Time  are already released ..…Many compilations including Arkane tracks will follow shorty..

Thank you very much on the opportunity of this discussion.Final words are definitely yours..
Thank you for supporting Arkane,listen to Arkane Music  on  Exclusively -  Order the Arkane album Enraptured Serene Mesmerism for 8 euros only – By e-mailing  me at  Arkane Order..

Isabelle S.

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