By now,CygnosiC should be a well known name in the dark electro field.Having already established that fact with his debut "A Deity In Pain",including a handful of live performances,he makes a strong return to the scene,marked by the release of his new album,"Fallen".Curious to know more about this new effort,I contacted George.This lead to a quite interesting conversation,I guess...

Hello there and thank you for this discussion. My first question deals with your last cd, "Fallen". Tell us some more things about this release.
First of all, I would like to thank you for this interview. In short, “Fallen” is an album crammed with powerful anthemic arrangements and hauntingly brutal vocals. Stated otherwise, “Fallen” is ultimately the manifestation of elements extremely diverse, forged into unison. An assortment of gloomy melodies and imposing leads, up-beat tempos as well as mid ones, tied with strikingly fierce verbal proclamations. In essence, “Fallen” is not just another danceable album, which was actually my intention. I wanted to create an album that could satisfy musically even the most demanding listener but also an album that could be danced to and enjoyed on the dance floor

So far, your albums have been released by BLC and DeathWatch Asia, respectively. How was your co-operation with these labels? Will you continue to release stuff through them, in the coming future?
Signing with BLC back in 2008 was certainly a milestone for CygnosiC. Being able to release a debut album and be introduced to a vast audience is every unsigned musician’s dream. Nevertheless, moving forward and growing is the natural course of events. Accordingly, becoming part of the DeathWatch Asia roster was indeed the next step for CygnosiC. DeathWatch Asia is an outstanding label and I am delighted to be part of it. As far as future releases are concerned, I could not really say, since we are focused on the latest release “Fallen” as well as the EP “One Step Forward”.

Until now, your works have received some very good reviews, making CygnosiC known as a great newcomer. What are your thoughts on that? Do you feel satisfied in any way?
An artist’s most ultimate satisfaction is undoubtedly derived from the acceptance and recognition of his work. So, yes, I am extremely pleased with the way things have evolved so far and I hope that “Fallen” and “One Step Forward” will gratify all those who have supported CygnosiC throughout all these years and will fully justify their devotion.

What are your expectations towards "Fallen"? Do you think that it marks a new territory for you, sound wise speaking?
“One Step Forward” and “Fallen” clearly demonstrate multilevel advancements that have occurred, from song-writing to production. Nevertheless, I believe they are a natural continuance of the debut album “A Deity in Pain” and share the distinguishing CygnosiC sound. Therefore, I do not consider these advancements as marking a new territory. Rather, I believe that they broaden and improve this specific territory that reflects the CygnosiC sound. I certainly hope that all these will be evident to the audience and that they will enjoy these two new releases to the highest possible level.

Within "Fallen" we can find a number of remixes, added as bonus tracks. Do you think that it's useful, even of vital importance I could say, to include some remixes by other artists in your albums? Perhaps in order to portray a different view of your own sound?
Remixes on my songs allow me to observe how my initial inspirations are reworked and modified. It’s like standing on a crossroad having already taken a specific path but at the same time having the opportunity to see where different paths lead to. I believe that the audience view remixes in a similar way and therefore welcome and enjoy them.

There is a unique, almost intellect point in your compositions, something that stands apart from the usual electro approach. Is that a conscious move? Do you think that it is important to form a deeply personal sound?
One of my main goals, ever since CygnosiC was created back in 2006, was to be able to have a distinguishing and unique sound. Being able to obtain a strictly personal identity sound allows you the opportunity to add something new to the scene and needless to say, that is exceptionally rewarding. From my perspective, CygnosiC has a kind of old-school composition mentality of the genre which is coupled with the most up to date sound production and instruments. This fusion is further accompanied by unconventionally brutal vocals. These are ultimately the key ingredients that formulate the CygnosiC sound.

What are your inspirations/motivations when writing lyrics?
CygnosiC lyrics deal with life and the values that we hold most dear or perhaps neglect. For instance, the contradictory nature of our daily needs and personal problems that perhaps consume us to the point that we fail to grasp, comprehend and even act upon, issues that are of a higher and more collective nature. In a nutshell, lyrics are fuelled by themes derived from the internal processes as well as the daily transactions of the human psyche with external stimuli that we are daily exposed to.

How did you choose to adapt this moniker, CygnosiC? Does it carry a special meaning to you, personally?
CygnosiC is in essence a paraphrased version of Psygnosis, which in free translation in Greek means “knowledge of the soul”. I chose it because it represents all those issues from which I draw inspiration from, the same topics that my lyrics are stimulated by. Having conscious knowledge of your soul or even better, your internal mental structures and functions allows you greater insight and profound comprehension of yourself and your immediate environment. Therefore, it releases you from any setbacks or burdens you previously carried. Achieving such a state, strengthens and advances you as an individual, finally enabling you to fulfil your full potential and ultimate goals. Understandably, CygnosiC as a meaning is of great personal importance to me since it’s something each and everyone should strive for.

Which artists/bands would you consider as your influences? Which recordings would you regard as crucial in the process of shaping your personal sound?
For the musician, sounds and music are like mathematical equations. You intuitively break each melody down to its initial components, perceive these decomposed materials as separate entities but also comprehend and appreciate the synergy they produce as a whole. Naturally, musical influences in this sense are limitless and therefore naming specific music genres or bands would be an oversimplification. As a general rule of thumb though, I admire and am inspired by those musicians that are unafraid to surpass musical boundaries and experiment and therefore produce unique sounds while at the same time remain focused on their music and don’t get too carried away; in a sense, remain humble and modest.

Should you have to recommend us some Hellenic bands, which would they be? Do you think that there exists a strong local underground scene?
The Greek dark electro scene has generated quite a few bands that are signed to great labels and are widely known to the public like Siva Six, PreEmptive Strike 0.1, Iambia and more. Additionally, there are several upcoming bands that are well worth listening to. So, you could definitely say that a strong Hellenic dark electro/industrial scene exists and has a strong presence out there.

So far, you have performed live quite a few times. Do you enjoy being on stage? Even more, do you think that CygnosiCs’ sound is easy to reproduce in a live setting?
I've been fortunate enough to have performed quite a few times. I must confess that prior to each live performance I am quite tense with the thought of delivering the best possible to the audience. Yet, once I am up on stage, the feeling is amazing. The atmosphere is electrified. The sense of time vanishes and I only experience the moment. Nevertheless, the most rewarding part is feeling a sense of unity with the audience, seeing them enjoying themselves.

Give us some details concerning your next steps, whatever they may be.
At the moment, live performances are a major aim in order to introduce the new material to the audience but also indulge them with songs that they are already familiar with, both within the Greek borders as well as abroad.

I guess that would be all for now. Is there anything that you'd like to add?
Once again, I would like to thank you for this interview and also thank all those who have supported CygnosiC. I hope “Fallen” and “One Step Forward” will fulfil their expectations.

Isabelle S.

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