Daniel and Armin are giving details to subexistance about their latest release "KLONDIKE"

What was the source of inspiration behind the creation of "KLONDIKE"?
Daniel:KLONDIKE is no concept album. There is actually no common thread or any spezial concern. On KLONDIKE most diverse musical emotions and various lyrical topics collide with each other merging into an integral whole. There are varying sources of inspiration which release energies and push us in a positive sense. On the one hand, there are our fans which have been supporting us since the EP release “One Of 47 / Architecture“. The feedback still totally overwhelms us. On the other hand, we have found a very good record label with ECHOZONE supporting us in every department. A situation which can also be looked upon as a constructive boost. However, the major source of inspiration is the cooperation between Armin and me. I really do not know what the secret is, but we seem to be a strong team and complement each other during the creative processes.

Have you noticed any improvements in your sound on your debut that you wanted to make?
: I think every artist is anxious to take a definite step forward regarding sound and songwriting with every new CD. During the whole KLONDIKE production we left nothing to chance. Everything sounds exactly like we imagined. Of course, the sound characteristics contain a lot of heavy, warm and round analog sounds which might have a familiar ring for the listener either way. On the other hand, we tried some unusual and really weird stuff in terms of sound design. In our opinion, the mix of both works very well on KLONDIKE.

How happy are you with the final version of the album? Does it come up to your expectations?
Daniel: On the one hand we are happy, and on the other hand we are also critical, of course. We are very glad that people like the album which cannot be taken for granted. We are also happy about the fact that we succeeded in producing a very solid, varying and technically well done album. We endorse wholeheartedly what we did, and KLONDIKE fulfils our own demands upon music. However, we also call KLONDIKE and ourselves into question. You always find stuff you would have done differrently in hindsight. Though these things are no quality failures. They are more like subjective perceptions. Be it that afterwards you would have written this or that line in another way or maybe chosen another sound. In retrospect, every musician has these most banal thoughts when challenging their own CD. But we do not live in a world of “ifs“ and “buts“. All this “would and should“ does not help us on regarding KLONDIKE. The album is done and it is well done. Actually, it is so good that we will have a hard time producing a worthy follow-up album. KLONDIKE features awesome songs, and now we have to prove that we are able to provide further songs on the same level. Now the real fun begins …

Are there certain songs on the album you want to mention or tell something about?
Daniel: Each song has its own topic and right to exist. KLONDIKE contains serious and critical songs like “Jerusalem Syndrom“ or “Human Product“ dealing with the subject of religion and faith for example. In addition, there are humorous and sarcastic songs like “Too Tired To Consume“ or “Architecture“ as well. You even find human topics like love in songs like “Nobody Hurts Me Like I Do“ or “One Of 47“. Every song has its own charme and develops its own intensity. It would be unfair on the songs to pick out and appreciate a single one. KLONDIKE’s strength is its holistic view.

In our last interview you were on your own. Now you are under the wings of Echozone. How did this happen? Are you satisfied?
Daniel: In April 2010 we released our EP “One Of 47 / Architecture“ on our own. We would have never thought that the EP songs got throught to so many people so fast. Both songs (“One Of 47“ and “Architecture“) hit the GERMAN ELECTRONIC WEBCHARTS and not only for one week but for more than six weeks. The feedback was incredible. The songs were on heavy rotation at the clubs immediately and more and more people approached us. Such a success of an unsigned band is, of course, registered by record labels. So, one thing led to another. ECHOZONE contacted us first and grabbed the chance. Of course, we had the option between several labels. Due to various reasons we settled for ECHOZONE. To begin with, Jörg (ECHOZONE’s boss) loves our music and does not treat us as a mere sales product. Secondly, ECHOZONE is a very young and dedicated label. I think that ECHOZONE is going to establish itself in the long term. And thirdly, ECHOZONE has a very good distribution network based on SONY and INTERGROOVE. I would like to see anyone else do better in the underground scene. All things considered, we are highly pleased with their work and everything that has been done for us so far. So, we are perfectly happy.

A typical fan of your album would be who?
Daniel: This is a very difficult question as we do get positive feedbacks from all points of the compass. We get hymns of praise from the cybergoth corner regarding the song “Monster Train“. The synth-pop scene commends us because of “Between My Headphones“ or “Heteronomy“. The old-school EBM hardliners celebrate “Too Tired To Consume“ or “Jerusalem Syndrom“. Then, there are hellectro fans who especially like “Geteert und Gefedert“ or “B.I.I.D.“. The IDM people like e. g. “Human Product“ or „Selektionsfunktion“. The normal dark electro fan favours “One Of 47“ or “Architecture“. We were thunderstruck by the feedback of the heavy metal scene. The Legacy magazine being one of Germany’s leading metal magazines, rates KLONDIKE extremely positive with 14 out of 15 points though there is not one single guitar sound on the album. By these examples you already see how complex KLONDIKE is and that there is no “typical“ fan. Some people interpret this versatility as a flaw. However, for us it is a sign that KLONDIKE features some really awesome songs and that variety is [de:ad:cibel]’s strong point.

How important is the internet for your band?
Daniel: For musicians the internet has a lot of positive effects. One of the most positive aspects for sure is that you are able to promote your band all over the world. At the push of a button you reach every part of the world. You receive feedback and get contacted by fans from regions you would have never guessed. Just recently, I was in touch with a listener of [de:ad:cibel] from Hawaii. It is totally cool to know that there is someone on Hawaii who likes your music. That would be inconceivable without the internet. That guy would have never heard about us without the internet. Due to the internet the scene grows together globally. And it is very nice to see that happening. Another advantage is, of course, the possibility to socialize with the fans. We are actually always within easy reach for anybody. As a musician with a CD you are no longer isolated and beyond reach. Our fans really appreciate that they can contact us.

How has the feedback been to "KLONDIKE" so far from press and fans worldwide?
Armin: As you know KLONDIKE has been released in Germany. Due to the internet, however, anybody in any country can buy the CD. I mention this because our promo activities focus on Germany. Nevertheless, [de:ad:cibel] slowly trickles beyond the German frontiers. There are already countries who show great interest in us. To name but a few besides Greece there are Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and more and more the Russian-speaking world. In a large part online magazines like and support us for idealistic reasons. Of course, the feedback is positive accordingly. We hope to make [de:ad:cibel] more known beyond Germany. There are still some people out there who would take a fancy to our music for sure but who we have not reached yet at the moment.

How difficult or easy is it to bring the atmosphere of your album on stage?
Daniel: So far we have only played one gig which took place in the Netherlands. The atmosphere was really good. The crowd was awesome and we learnt that our songs work live on stage as well. We were the opening act for another well-known band. I do not want to talk too big but let me tell you that we had to play three encores whereas the main act played only one. It is simply fantastic for a musician to get such a positive feedback directly during a concert. We will try to keep playing gigs. It would be epic to be able to go to Greece. So far I have only heard good stuff about your clubs. If one of the Greeks bookers read this interview and is interested in [de:ad:cibel], please contact us. We are ready for you.

What does the future hold for the band?
Daniel: Soon we are going to start working on our new album. In parallel, we will release one or two EPs until the next album will be finished. Should the occasion arise we will play a few gigs. We keep working hard to make [de:ad:cibel] more public. On that note, many thanks to Subexistance for your support!!!
Thank you very much for the interview.
All the best to  [de:ad:cibel]

Kostas Sotiriou

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