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 The Band Lotus Feed was originally founded in 1995.Followed by several line-up changes, founding members Alex (vocals) and David (drums) met guitarist Marten and bassist Lars, who completed the band in 2009. Ever since the band emerged as an insiders’ tip of the cologne oldschool-goth and post punk scene.

Getting started, I would like you to tell me a few words about the creation and the development of the band.
Lotus Feed was founded in 1995. We needed about 15 years to find the current line up. Things were going up and down the years before. But since last year we have reached some of our goals, and we’ll wait eagerly for what is coming next year.

Which is the current line up and how is each one of you taking part in the music composition?
Our current line up is Alexander Landsberg (voc.), David Sielaff (dr.) Lars Tellmann (bass) and Marten Bijkerk (guit). Our songs are usually written in team work. Mostly we start with an idea of Marten or Lars, or the whole band picks up some old Lotus Feed stuff which will be defaced until we have a result everybody is happy with. But even when songwriting seems to be finished, we keep on changing some parts. Songs appear never to be completely finished.

Putting you right on the spot how would you describe yourselves musically?
Close and powerful! The music comes right from our heart and soul. Each of us has a very different personality as well in outer appearance as in our favourite musical  preferences but in the end it all leads to a consent. Things that are not discussed – just felt! We know when an idea is the right one.

You are preparing your new album these days. Can you give us some more details?
Well, recording sessions have been finished in september. We'll take ten or eleven songs to put on the album. Presently the material is in the mix. A bit of editing is to be done and we hope to finish the musical part of the production till the end of the month. Meanwhile we are in progress to create the artwork for the album. Still there is no title, but don't be afraid – a catchy name for our child will be found.

What can we expect to find when it’s released – any surprises?
Just wait a little bit and buy the album. Or have a listen at our myspace-site. You’ll find a taste of how our album is going to be.

Which are the main themes of your songs? Who writes your lyrics?
We are focusing on the music and the feeling it is prompting. The lyrics are written by Alex. They are very personal. A reflection about life and interhuman feelings and relationships.

What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
We all refer to Bands like Joy Division, Killing Joke, Cure or Bauhaus e.g.
Alex: Additional I like some new stuff: The Debut by Bloc Party or Bravery, Editors and Arctic Monkey.
Marten: Comsat Angels, The Church, The Chameleons, The Sound etc. Modern genre bands as O.Children, Project:Komakino or Interpol. Besides this I love Death Metal!
David: New Model Army, New Model Army & New Model Army. Besides I prefer Post Punk and sometimes I listen to Genesis (The Peter Gabriel stuff).

How does it feel to be on stage where many people hear your songs for the first time live?
Playing live is the most important thing to us. Of course it is important to have a great album but we need direct contact to our audience.
We love the moments when the audience is set on fire. And on such days, especially when Lotus Feed shares the stage with other cool bands, or in case of a good after show party it's going to be a perfect night for us.
Lars: But unfortunately Gothic people are  usually not dancing in a moshpit. Maybe someday, the audience will sing along our songs and dance...

What is music for you? Does it help you to get rid of some negative emotions?
Of course, but that’s not all. Music is a way to communicate, to improve oneself, or to admit one’s thoughts about hatred, love or closeness.
Lars: I don’t like the majority of mankind. I think I shouldn’t have access to firearms or cutting tools. So I prefer making music. I think that’is a good compensation...

What are some of your interests outside of music?
Alex: Theatre, any kind of art and traveling.
Marten: Going outside into nature – have a ride on the mountain bike and enjoying the forest.
David: I love cycling too, unfortunately mostly in front of television with a beer and some crisps. I try not to miss any Tour De France broadcast.
Lars: Besides my obsession for music i'm totally into enviromentalism, nature, the sea, I'm a semi pro animal horder (dogs, cats, leech, horses etc.) and one day i'd like to have a farm and a sailboat together with my wife in the north of Germany.

What does the future hold for Lotus Feed?
First of all we all hope that this line up will last for at least another 15 years. Of course we’d like to produce more than only one album...  But most of all we’ll focus on playing live gigs in germany but also abroad, and maybe some big open airs.

A message to all the people that support you?
Alex: Don’t get caught, and thanks a lot, its good to have you by our side!
Marten: It's good to know that now – almost 30 years after the first times of post punk and new wave – many young people admire this kind of music...history repeats...

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