Lydia's Gemstone

Lydia's Gemstone

Marcus (Vocals/Guitars) of the Austrian band Lydia's Gemstone gives an interview and more details about the new release of the band (The New Melancholy).

- I'll get straight to the core of our topic: At last, the album is released. Share some info with SubX on it, plus, why has it taken so long?
Markus: Yeah, and we're really assuaged that the release and the deal with twilight zone records finally worked.It took such a long time because we bargained with several labels before twilight and could'nt achieve an agreement.That seesaw nearly seemed to extend into the next century :)...but forget about it - We're really glad now to have found a collaboration partner in Twilight Zone Records...everything works now - that's important!

- Judging from the material I've listened to, the album features many and different influences, let me be more specific. The heavy metal roots and leverages are prominent nevertheless, but a quite darker path is distinct,and if I'm not mistaken some indie rock musical ingredients nip in too.Has this been the main musical goal? Correct any inaccurate remarks I have made,and talk about your own approach on this musical breed.
Markus: If you recognize a several influences on the record, than this is a good sign to me because a main focus on our music is musical variety. So, what I say about the record is:It's more intense, darker, it contains better melodies, i'ts better produced. Check out the first single - you will know what I mean -

- Are you 100% satisfied with the final result, now that the album has been released? Are there any changes you'd wish to be made?
Markus: Creating music is a neverending process in constant advancement.So it's a normal and rather a positive reaction if you find things you'd do better or different now, on a record you wrote / produced several months ago. But in spite of everything I'm satisfied with "the new melancholy"!

- Have you ever considered using background female vocals in order to maintain a balance and/ or inject a somewhat melancholic tone to your music?
Markus: To be honest: Never! It's not excludable that there will be a female guest-vocalist on any record in the future...but i don't think that there is a real demand or big need for that in our music. 

-  Are you concerned that your music could maybe marked as an amalgam of Katatonia and Anathema? That it lacks originality?
Markus: I would not even be concerned and interested if someone would mark it as an amalgam of Lady Gaga and Abba. Some people seem to need this stereotypical thinking!People compare things with things they know, so it just depends on how many things they know!? Love us or hate us - We don't care !

- How do you plan on promoting the album? Has a tour or a video shoot been scheduled? Additionally, what kind of relationship is the one you hold with the record company - do you have the support you waited for?
Markus: Yes, we are currently working on the live-tour for spring 2012. We're also into the works of our upcoming video-clip to the song "noir". Very very stunning stuff to expect. Release will be in october!Drop by on our myspace (.com/lydiasgemstone) to get the latest news or join us on!

- I want you to mention each and every person to have in any way participated in the making of this album.
Markus: Except the musicians i'd like to mention and thank following persons:Simon Goritschnig (designer), Martin Ettl (photographer) and Lars Oppermann (Producer).

- You are free to add anything you will. Thank you for the time you took for the interview.
Markus: I thank you for the interesting questions...there's nothing to add :)

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