Touched by the beauty of the night and for all is imaginary with apocalyptic contours of chaos and future visions. was the elixir to inflame the torch:oil lamp of our philosophy, the electric poetry the key of the mystery . That can be ice or fire burning like a cold passion (maybe?). but never indifferent in the attempt to free the world of dreams from the tyranny of conformism.). It’s in stage that the band find is maximum expression, in the search of the magnetic symbiosis..

You are a lot of  years in the scene.When did you form as a band and tell me about your releases?
Lino Átila : hello,  in 1994, since the beginning... , Noctivagus always gave many concerts and shared the stage with a lot of music bands such as, London after Midnight, Sanguis et Cinis, Gothic sex, Cruxshadows, Agonised By Love, etc, etc …
Which are the members of the group and how each one of you take part in the music composition?
Fernando N : I play bass guitar and program everything excpet: voices, lyrics and guitars.
Nuno D´Ávila : Everyone do the composition.
You have a lot of years to release an album why?
 Lino: well... because all these years, the musicians are divide between the love to the music and there own jobs to support the family, so it´s no easy to manage time and money to fulfill our dreams.
How is the scene in Portugal are there any new bands?
Nuno : I don´t know any new bands.
How difficult is for you to find a contract with a record label?
Lino : i don´t kow...
What inspires you the most?
Nuno : playing what I like…
Lino: poetry.
Tell me about your live shows?How is the feeling on the stage?
Fernando:  For me it's always a pleasure to show others the music we make, so be on top of a stage is always a joy. If the public is present deserves a good show and that is what will have.
Nuno : I´m fulfil when the public enjoy and interacts with the band.
Are you satisfied with the reaction of the press and the fans so far?
Fernando: until now there has been a good reaction
Lino: i agree with fernando.
About your future plans?
Fernando: : New album, lots of gigs... and the stars...:)
Nuno : New album, lots of gigs etc, etc...
A message to all the people that support you all these years?
Lino: thanks to all Nightwanders see you soon.
Kostas Sotiriou

Some info about the band:
Vocal: Lino Átila
Guitar : Nuno D´Ávila
Bass guitar : Fernando N.
Drums machine: Lady Miss Kill
"Almas Ocultas" fanzine Entulho informativo, (1995) K7 
"Imenso" background records, (1998), E.P, CD 
"After The Curse" Floyd Records, (2003) E.P, CD

You can find: Noctivagus, in the book "music to die for," by the English writer and journalist Mick Mercer.

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