Purple Fog Side

Purple Fog Side

 PFS are Russian Goth Scene Veterans  who reinvented their own vision of Darkwave, Dark Ambient and Dark Electro in early 1996. Technicaly heavily inspired by early 90s experimental techno acts, they gave scene a new, fresh vision  of what we call Modern Goth Music.

You formed in 1996.What was the motive to create the band?
The only motive was to make our own vision of dark electronica. It was a conceptual/studio/performance act inicially, then a band.
You have 4 releases numerous collaborations with experimental musicians all over the world, numerous EP/Mixes/Tributes/Compilations.Are you satisfied with all your achievements?
Not always. Now we have no any primary goal to collaborate with someone else. Collaboration is not a :jam” like jazz musicians do – just to play and to make “just something new”, it’s more an act of musical art for us.
Give me some details about your latest release "MUSIC FOR INDIGO KIDS”
Actually we have one more full length release after, PROJECT:RENTGEN, which is more experimental in terms of compositions. MFIK… for us was a back to conceptual art forms, but in songwriting manner, and first experience to work with guitar in non-ordinary way. After that album Art, our guitarist, joined us permanently.
What inspires you the most?
Cinema! Because it’s a concentration of feelings and dreams. Every movie somehow correlate with your own soul. I’m not listening to music much for some years. In early years, the main source of inspiration were kind of social collisions between my friends, me, etc. That’s why from every beginning our music is so individualistic.
You have shared the stage with such famous acts as Attrition, De/Vision, Diary Of Dreams, Deine Lakaien, Conevant, Endraum, Das Ich, Ayria, Minerve and Seelenzorn.What is the feeling on the stage when you play your music in front of a crowd?
The more you play the more wrinkles you’ve got on your eye’s lines – lets call them wrinkles of wisdom. It’s kind of simplicity of behavior, openness, kindness, freedom, ability to work with public, etc.
Describe me your music?
Self-oriented, diary-sh, sometimes shocking, philosophy children’s book. Kind of William Blacke’s short poetry for children, but in musical and danceable form.
All these years are you satisfied with the comments of the press and the fans?
Our scene is small, I can’t expect less.
How about your future plans?A new release maybe?
Of course ;)
How is the scene in Russia?
More younger and teenage oriented. Our music will never be teenage oriented. Our auditory is around 18-30 and even more.
A message to all the people that  support the band all these years?
Our public grows and getting stronger with us and our music – and It’s cool!
Kostas Sotiriou

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