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Siva Six

Siva Six certainly need no introduction:a series of recordings/performances have given them a place among the best dark electro bands of today.With a new album,"The Twin Moons",scheduled  to be released in June,I had the urge to find out more.Naturally,I contacted Z for some answers.As a result,this text is presented.

Hello Z!Since Siva Six is a relatively old project,give us a bio of the band.
Z-Internet can help anyone who is looking for a detailed bio of Siva Six,just a few lines about us..We go on for the last 6 years..We have released 3 full length cd's and 1 remix album..We like gigs..We enjoy studio..I do the vox..Herr Khaos is the key man.

There's a new album of yours,being released soon,entitled"The Twin Moons".Tell us a few things about this new release.
Z-The Twin Moons is our new album..It took us 2 years in the studio,in order to bend this fucker..But what makes me smile,is the fact that this is our best album so far..Each of our albums has its own glimpse and story behind it..But the progress from album to album is the most important to us..So..For this album we worked in the orchestra's part once more with Chris Antoniou(Septic Flesh/Chaostar)but this time around,we gave a bigger space in the mix for those parts and they sound fucking wicked..The artwork was done by Jerome Cross,he specializes at 3D sci-fi themes,so he was the perfect one for this album since it's a concept story that starts in earth and evolves in universe..Sound wise this album is a step beyond since,for the first time,we used Pro Tools HD technology..And it was also the first time that we covered one song..Vangelis Papathanasiou' epic,Blade Runner..

This time around you signed with Alfa Matrix(home of many well known electro/industrial projects).How is your co-operation so far?
Z-It took us more than a year of long discussions with various labels in order to make our choice,Alfa Matrix gives us all we need to go on,they wanted us from the beginning and we have all of their support behind us,the differences,if I had to compare Alfa Matrix to our previous label,Decadence Records are quite a few but needed,since Alfa Matrix works in a totally professional level which is great,but also means extra work and focus from our side,but at the end of the day I hope that both sides will be pleased.

Which specific emotions do you wish to express with this new album?What are your expectations about it?
Z-Our new album,"The Twin Moons" is a concept album and its story grows in me for the last 15 years,it is the essence of human history in its rise and in its fall,the way things could be on earth..but instead what happened:Oceans of time far way...Thousands of years ago,few of the ancient tribes were saved from the people of the "Skies"..Planet earth drowned in its ashes..Gathered on animals..They were left on the planet "Zera the Great White"...The rest can be found in the manifestos of the 16 page booklet of our new big work..As for expectations..We never wish for anything..We want to enjoy what ever this new step in our hell road brings..I love surprises!

Inside "The Twin Moons" one could easily detect a strong reference to "Bladerunner".What does this movie mean to you?
Z-Blade Runner is one of the few movies that literally stabbed my mind years ago..Its impact was quite strong concerning my 'World",I could lose my self in that movie..and I fell in love with its doomed scenario,a big influence for sure..So when i became a man..I could do no less than to give a new life breath to my heroes..So,we did a cover of the main theme,the music of Vangelis Papathanasioiu is unique and awesome..We did this cover with tons of respect and love..The final result speaks for itself..

There is a certain dark aura in "the Twin Moons",a fact that separates it from the general mediocrity that most of today's electro scene is known for.What are your influences,as a singer and a composer as well?
Z-Thank you for your strong and supporting words..people tend to call us special or unique or just strange..I guess they must have their reasons..But anyhow,the key is to be yourself:all I can tell you is a few of the bands/artists I love..Christian Death..DAF..Ministry..Johnnie Cash..God..16 Horse Power..Diamanda Gallas..Katatonia..

Your lyrics show an ongoing fascination with the occult.Is there a central concept behind Siva Six?
Z-Yes,there go deep work with deal with control use it..But most of all my love for the occult is nothing more than the search of a truth that's been hidden on purpose by murderers and preachers of the fake..of the take..of the make..Of this so called reality which its conspiracy lies for more than 2.000 years so far..Man must rise from his ashes..

You have performed live quite a lot!Could you give us an example of what a perfect Siva Six live ritual looks like?Which were your best experiences on the road,so far?
Z-Exactly..You got it..It'a ritual,the energy flows from us to the crowd and vice versa..The eyes turn sharper..The senses are stretched..Truth is spoken..Dreams are broken..And keys are locked..Every live show tends to be unique but all them are quite the same in a strange way,the power unleashed is big,Scotland was a very powerful land,Japan was the land of the wasted,directed by Tim Burton..Norway was the absolute fire within the ice..

In my opinion the artwork you used this time is simply awesome.Expand a bit on this,please..
Z-I am a control freak..but when it comes to Siva Six issues I get worst,hahaha,listen..It would be pointless just to release some good tracks..The way we see things is quite a bigger view,this is our personal big work..These are the efforts of a lifetime..The wandered wishes to share..And the power of the words alone can turn to a roaring savage beast.It is only with pictures and words combined,that the artwork turns to life..All in all,for us there is no other way..Musick-Lyricks-Artwork become one..That's why in all of our albums until now,the artwork side of things is unique and strong,now for this album we worked with Jerome Cross who is famous for his work for bands such as Rotting Christ,Mayhem and Arcturus.He is a real expert when it comes to sci fi themes..So,since the concept story of the album is a story moving from earth to universe and vice versa..He certainly is the best one I could find..His realistic point of view combined with our great vibe lead us upon a glorious artwork..

There is a small,yet constant industrial/darkwave scene in Hellas.Any specific artists/bands you particularly enjoy?
Z-Be aware that the greek scene is quite big and,believe it or not,is bigger than in most european countries.All you people need to do is to open your eyes and kill your superstition concerning greek bands..Enjoy the uniqueness of Dirty Granny Tales..Dance with ghosts with Arkane..Ride in the battle of the mind with Tethrippon..Become one with the saga of Rotting Christ..Be abused by Chaostar's surrealism..Trust me,we have great bands in this land.

Siva Six have been around for some years,so I need to ask:are you satisfied with the band's progress up to now?Back when you started,which were your main goals?
Z-All I ever wanted became true..I started playing in bands when I was 15 years old..Always a dreamer..Musick was my food for thought,how could I ever ask for more?We have done more than 50 live shows  around the globe,people are getting into our "world",coming from all parts of the planet,what we have experienced for the last 6 years is more than anything we could dream..We have done 3 albums and 1 remix album,starting from the suburbs of Athens..And people I have never even met dream of we dream of Rome..There exist no goals,really..But to go on with our personal helltrip..In our beloved hell road.

A more personal question:what does music mean to you?
Z-How could you live without the love behind your passion..How beautiful this planet could be in the abscence of Moon..I do not know if my life would have any meaning at all without musick:As simple as it gets.

Give us a small foresight on Siva Six's future plans.
Z-Live shows..Road..Hotels..Venues..Drinks..Drugs..Sex..Occult..and the story goes on.

Last words are yours..
Z-The Twin Moons took us 2 years in the studio..and its concept was growing for 15 years in my wicked heart and mind..Enter at your own will and feel its flaming whip..It's only after you close your eyes and dive into the oceans of time that you will find the land of Horus..Constellation of Orion is now your new homeland..Now open  your eyes..Do you see the twin moons?

Isabelle S.

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