Jape Von Crow frontman of the legendary band To/Die/For gives an interview to subexistance.

Hello Jape

You have change so many members all these years?Why is that happen?
This is a thing which pisses me off and it is always been very hard to see someone walk out from the band and it is also always hard to say to someone it is time to go!BUT it never happened without heavy reason.Some "members"just realized they cannot be on tour much,Someone joined to the band because of a wrong reason,,,One of them even joined to TDF but said later that he hates Goth music?? whatta fuck? and he wanted to be in TDF only because he wanted to get tours and see places!! whatta fuck??? I hate that.And i always had to solve these problems alone.No one ever helped me.Someones started to drink too much and also shows started to go more shit etc.etc. Can you believe how many nights i have been awake and thinking these things?After W.W.O we started to tour,and things went all right as long as we had to start to write new songs.I realized that there was people who wanted to change TDF music to the wrong direction.We could not create any good songs together.It wa so childish shit.I do not wanna say names but mostly "guitarists" were the problems always.They wanted to try to grow their own egos and they did not like the songs which were "easy to play".I was fuing angry because i do not care about that shit.I love the song if the song is good no matter if you play one note all the time! after W.W.O we also had many tours which sucked a lot.Many promoters stole our money and did not care a shit! It killed my motivation for a while.I got my motivation bvack after i forgot TDF for a few months....THen TOnmi Lillman (original TDF drummer) heard some of my home demos and he said "these are so good,let´s not waste these songs,,,,let´s create new TDF album.And i was thinking a bit and said "why not then":)Now we try to record new songs here and there and when we have time.There is Tonmi Lillman on drums,Josey Starndman on bass and original guitarist Juppe Sutela.We do not have another guitaist yet in the band and i do not wanna find the guy right now.Before that we wanna create album in "peace",ad then let´s see who REALLY likes this music and who REALLY wants to play with us! anyway TO/DIE/FOR is my band,I created this many many years ago and i do not let this die because of a few fuckers! Of course i am sad because of some of ex-Members..there is also been some very veyr nice guys which i still miss a lot.I would like to share peace and love,but somethings always went wrong with that!

You inspire so many bands after your releases "Epilogue" and "Jaded" how do you feel about that?
Of course it feels good.I know some says TDF is one of the pioneers of goth rock etc.etc.Í have been doing this a longtime and this is one of the best gift that i can get.It is been funny to realize when you hear some new band and i really can hear TDF influences on it.At least i know i have done something for the whole goth scene all around the world!

Now tell me some good news.When are you going to release your new album and if it is possible to give me some more details?
We have been record some songs at the D-studio near Helsinki a few times.Next album´s gonna sound a lot as Epilogue did,,, that is sure thing i can say right now.Drummer Tonmi Lillman is so busy these days that it is one reason why this takes so long.He is working at the studio,he is been stupid and promised to play a lot of "project"shows in this summer.I hope we can continue with 100% in this autumn and release this album and hit the road.In first session we were so exited with Tonmi Lillman because we haven´t seen eachothers for a longtime.We took some beer and went to SAuna and after that we composd 10songs in the one night!!!! then we remembered "this is how we did Epilogue album also"...It felt very good.So i can say that we have many many new TDF songs composed,I also have a lot of lyrics to use.Now we only have to record this album and that´s it!2010 is been one of the most shit year in my life which means that on sixth album i am gonna use a lot of my personals lyrics.

You have a long time since you play live.Dont you miss this? Going on a tour and play live your music in front of your fans?
I really miss it! lastime we played in Lebanon with Anathema in november 2009 for the 3000people there,we had MTV interviews and promoters were so nice and frienly and all things went as they should go over all these painful TDF years.I miss our fans,I miss to be tired in the nightliner and watch out from the window and the feeling that i do not know where the hell i am.I love to see those smiles when some some fan comes to us and asks "do you remember me?" :) This is something i REALLY miss and a lot.I love to be on stage and We have to start touring again! I just hope and pray that nothing goes wrong anymore!!!!!!!NOW our hometown "bosses" wants to get us to play in icehall next october and we are gonna do this show.It is gonna be special.We have a biiiig bombs and flames on the stage and also it is gonna be filmed by TV guys.I think we finally try to create some kinda dvd also.

Do you have a contract with a record label or you search for a new one?
We have no any deals at the moment.I have some licence deals waiting there but that is all.I do not trust that much to labels so.Who knows if we do and pay all  by ourselves.Now adays labels are stealing a lot of bands because also other people are stealing from the labels.and how? well...stealing music for free from the fucking internet.BUT it is ok for me,this is technology shit and i cannot do anything for it.IF some good labels will take contact maybe we can do something but would be also fun and interesting to do all by ourselves and then sell licence contracts for every country you know...BUT let´s see.I do not think deals for now that much.MOre important is to create this album first.

In your opinion what makes a band successfull?
hmmmm...if i would know this 100% i would have a ten bands and all of them would be successful:) but anyone can became a successful who is honest for his/her own music.And makes a lot of shows and just goes and goes on! I do not count these "idols" ven successful,i do not like that when someone comes wellknown in a one night and it is not real.I love hard working bands and artists.Without pain you do not create anything which will touch people.

A message to all the fans that support you and they want to see you back on the stage soon?
I loooooove youuuuuuu all,and i miss to see you somewhere and talk to you and have fun together! Stay on tune and we will strike back! also you can check my another band called SUNDOWN SINDROME.Stay alive and be FREE!peace and love for ya all.

Kostas Sotiriou

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