Live review X-rx at 7 sins club Athens

Live review X-rx at 7 sins club Athens

After many years X-RX on stage at 7sins Club!!!

The club was full, everyone was dancing along with the Ebm beat, and at around 03.00 am the music stopped, the lights turned off and X-RX appeared on stage with their hands covered with bloody bandages. The lights of the stage in combination with the laser rings that X-rx wore (and were pointing at us) made up an amazing atmosphere.

Their passion rouse the crowd who couldn’t be more excited. The band was jumping and dancing all the time and that’s a great feeling that they shared with us!!! As they told us we were the “chosen” fans that deserved to listen to their new song, that by the way really rocks!! They played their hits from several albums like “Virus infected”, “Tanz schample”, “Stage 2” , “industrial rave revolution” , “die sexualikiste der holle” but not “feel the fuckin’ bass” as many people expected. They played for about an hour and they gave their best, we wanted more but we understood that they were really tired due to the energy that they gave on stage for us!!! The only thing that we believe it could be better was the sound that wasn’t loud enough sometimes. It was a great concert that we all enjoyed it and we hope to see them soon!!!


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