Clea Cutthroat

Clea Cutthroat

Model name: Clea Cutthroat

Location: Berlin, Germany
Modeling style: Fantasy.

Sites that you model for: I model for various projects (books, magazines, fashion, etc) and there are photographers that I will drop everything and go run to their shoot! If you check out my facebook you can see most of my studio and live performance work

How you did get started with alternative modeling?: Being a performer, it all came about from people taking live shots of my shows, which are always very bloody, milky and dirty. Then it all just progressed to this fantasy-vibrant-Clea-wonderland of fetish, wigs, guts n' glitter.

Years of experience: Forever

Is modeling your dream job or is there something else you would like to do or are doing?:Modeling is an amazing bonus to what I do. I tour all over with my burlesque show as well as with 2 a circus performer in Bonaparte, and as the lead singer in Eat Lipstick. Photoshoots are a great way to combine everything that is influencing me at any given moment: be it bananas, blood or supersized lipsticks :)

Music style: All that is hard n' dirrrty! I loooove me some Combichrist, Ministry, Slayer, Alien Sex Fiend, and always a sweet spot for Peaches.

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