Rose van Thorne

Rose van Thorne

Model : Rose van Thorne

Location: Valencia, CA (Los Angeles County by Magic Mountain)
Measurements:5'8'' 120 lbs. 32'25'33', shoes 7 to 8
Modeling style: all types, but favorites are pinup/retro/alt and high fashion
Sites that you model for: My portfolio, designer and magazine work is up at  at
Designers I've worked with and had my work featured on their sites include:
Humble Bumble B
Lick Her Glass
Koala Art
Bandit Clothing
Krypta Kouture
Shy Violet Clothing
Sick Girl Creations
Cherry N Olive Designs
Pirate Doll Boutique
Betty Bows
Hello Gorgeous Couture
Blushing Dove Boutique
Deranged Designs
Vinyl Dolls
Bandit Clothing
AJB Clothing
Bang Bang Baby Designs
La Catrina Hair Accessories
New Space City Vintage
Diosas Forum
Magazines I've been in include:
Relate Magazine
Me Myself & I
Inside Out
Haute Magazine
Current issue of Bad Kat Magazine - featured model
Fixe Magazine
Affiliations/Features/Contest Wins:
Miss Cherry 2009 and winner of 4 pinup contests
Pinup Post
Atomic Belles calendar
Pinup Lifestyle
Pinup Kittens
Red Skirt Pinup
Summer Lynnie Models
Annacas Pinups
Skull Bunnie
How you did get started with alternative modeling?:
I liked retro/pinup style photos and have been an avid swing dancer since 2000 so I had acquired a lot of vintage wardrobe from Goodwill. I did some pinup portfolio work for fun and entered some pinup contests and it all progressed from there.
Years of experience: started steadily in summer of 2007, but had done a few shoots before in 2005, so about 4 years total
Is modeling your dream job or is there something else you would like to do or are doing?:I love modeling but I also have a full-time accounting day job. I wish I had more time to model as I enjoy doing it more than accounting because I love being creative and meeting new people at shoots.
Music style: I like all kinds of music. Almost all genres, you name it! Rockabilly, swing, salsa, tango, ballroom, rock, metal, classical, oldies, pop, rock n' roll, world music, etc.
Favorite bands:VNV Nation, Covenant, Wolsheim, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, James Intveld, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Andrews Sisters, Elvis, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, Rev. Horton Heat, Duke Ellington, Roy Orbison, Astor Piazzolla, Osvaldo Pugliese, and Juan d'Arienzo.

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