After having touring through all over the world, the legendary black metal band Gorgoroth, is ready to possess our minds again. "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt", is the new album of the band, and Infernus, the founder and the leader of the band, and Tormentor, the guitar player and an old member of the band, are prepared to answer our questions:

 - Hi! How are you? It´s a honour that you have accepted this interview. Tell me something about the new album: it will be released by Regain Records in Europe on October 21, and in the US on November 11, 2009. What could we find inside, will you continue with the same devastating sound of the years before?


INFERNUS- hey! i am doing very well, thank you. better than ever, i'd be tempted to say. the album is about to be released now, pretty soon. and i really do not have much more to say than thati have a very good feeling about it and that i know we got to push ourselves to the limit this time. how exactly that might manifest itself should be more up to the listener to judge. i guess i could say it is more mature. harder and more sinister than ever. beyond that ...find out for yourself!


TORMENTOR- Yes, I believe that the new album is way closer to Gorgoroth's early material (three first albums) but with a heavier and cleaner production. It becomes the tracks pretty good I think. It shouldn't be to hard to hear that it's Infernus work!

- Tormentor (guitars) and Pest (vocals) have returned to the band, is this a sign that the band have come back to the beginnings?


INFERNUS- we are about to continue the quest which was begun many years ago. even in the time before these guys entered the band the first time. some people understand the true nature of sacrifice, and when a certain point has been reached there is no return whether one may want it or not. i am one of them.it is one of many signs showing we are still on the same path and under the same oath as was always intended.


TORMENTOR- The fact that I and Pest is back in the band is just a result of a connection between Gorgoroth and the individual that has been there all the time. And through the years as non-members we've both been rather close to Infernus all the time so everything feels good when it comes to being back in the band.



- TORMENTOR: How do you feel now that you have returned to the band?


t.: It feels fine! I think it's an interesting period for the band: It's both a new beginning and a confirmation of continuity.. The new album should definitely be a proof on that.



- TORMENTOR: Why did you decided to come back to the band?



t.: I got an offer I couldn't refuse hehee. Most of all I thought it was a good idea. The line up looked great and it seemed to be a nice change. I also wanted to show my 100% support in the infamous name struggle, which I found utterly irritating.



- TORMENTOR: How did you join the band for the first time?


t.: I had known Infernus for some time and we'd rehearsed together in other band projects. Back then there were only one guitar player in Gorgoroth, but he wanted to try out with a second, so I joined in 96-97.

- There´s two new members: Frank Watkins (bass) and Tomas Asklund (drums). They have contributed to the new album but, are they a solid influence in this new era of the band?


 INFERNUS- they are an integral part of the satanic tool of manipulation gorgoroth has become, and they are indeed branding their mark upon what we do, yes.


TORMENTOR- They've both put their souls into the band 100% so they sure are a solid influence.



- TORMENTOR: I can imagine that it´s easier to work with an old friend asInfernus but, is it easy to work with the new members of the band too?


t.: the new guys seems to be excellent to work with. I didn't participate on the recording of the last album, but the way it turned out should be a good proof on cooperation, creativity and ability to get things done the right way. We were all chosen for a reason.



- You have worked with Infernus in a band called Orcustus too, could you tell us what´s the difference between Gorgoroth and this band?



t.: Orcustus is Taipan's band. The reason for joining him in 2001 was that Infernus and me wanted to support him with recording of the great material he'd written. Orcustus got a quite different focus than Gorgorgoth in many ways.




- You have also appeared as bassist on releases by Gaahlskagg, a black metal band formed by Gaahl (the last vocalist of Gorgoroth), how do you feel more comfortable, playing guitar or playing bass? Is it just a question of versatility?


t: I feel more comfortable playing the guitar. Bass is ok too, put it should then definitely be to straight forward and necro and primitive music.

-Gorgoroth have had about 25 different musicians (Frost from Satyricon, 1349; the deceased Grim from Inmortal; Samoth from Emperor…), do you think that they have influenced Gorgoroth, or do you think that the band have influenced them?


 INFERNUS-the correct answer is of course not just "alternative A" excluding the other option, nor just "alternative B".. all involved musicians and personalities have of course contributed somehow. and i would guess the experience of being involved turned out to be something which affected them as well. nevertheless,trying to quantify this more precisely would easily end up in just pure speculations and loads of more or less meaningless talk. i am not so fond of such.


TORMENTOR- Everybody have influenced something one way or the other. It's all a reciprocal thing: We've all pretty colored by Gorgoroth as well.

- You´re the founder, the only one that never has left the band, is it hard to keep a band working in spite of the difficulties?


 INFERNUS- who said it should always have to be easy? As long as the outcome and what is been delivered is of a certain standard, that's what really counts. that being said, at the time being i really enjoy the close interpersonal bonds within the band, and i have probably never enjoyed our situation as much as that of today.

-After a legal fight, you´re the owner of your band´s name. Is it a common situation inside some big metal bands as Gorgoroth?


 INFERNUS- i do not really know much about what might be going on within other camps. i keep to my own things.

- There´s some people that think that you are a controversial guy. Do you think that anybody have lied about you or about your band with the object of harming you?


 INFERNUS- to a certain degree i know there is some truth to that. There will always be people with big mouths out there.then again - so what? i am not into this to become appreciated, understood and liked by all and everyone. black metal and satanism at practice is what all this is supposed to be all about. not some petty popularity contest.

- We hope that Gorgoroth keeps on with their world conquer. We are looking forward to have your new album in our hands…would you like to say something to your devoted fans of Dark Eye Magazine?


 INFERNUS- to our loyal audience i would once again send my best wishes and appreciations. hail satan!

- Thank you very much for your time and for your words, guys. Hope we can talk again!

 INFERNUS- thank you!


TORMENTOR- thanks to you as well yeah


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