Model Name: NaTyMeTaL

Age: 19
Location: Costa Rica
Modeling Style: Bloody, Dark, Goth, Colorful, Gore
How did you get into modeling?
Well i get into modeling like a year ago, it was because i had a photoshoot for my friend's botique and it was a surprise because i didnt know, so then i started to like it, and i really support alternative modeling and i love photography so i love photoshoots.

Do you want modeling to be your career?
Well i am studying web page design and i know some graphic design, so i just see modeling as a hobbie, because here in my country i cant be persuit modeling as a career, it's very dificult, so it's just m passion and also graphics so i try to combine both!.
Favorite Music?
Metal, it's my life but also i listen to EBM, industrial and some Punk or Horror Punk.
Favorites Band?
Ohh i have a lot haha but i have to say that Catamenia, Hermh, Agathodaimon, Inactive Messiah, Sonata Arctica, Satyricon, Sybreed, Siebenburgen, Dragonlord, Stormlord, Sothis, Aborym, Onslaught and a looooot more, i am really open when it comes to metal genres.
-Marilyn Botique Fashion Show
-Hairstylist Fashion Show
-Pin up for felines book
-Carnifex: Black Metal Queens ebook
Bands and sites i have work with:
-Spirit Of Metal Model

-Einsam Vuk Promotion (Calendar 2010)

-Death Stars Records (Model)

-Gore Back Model

-Time To Kill merchandise model http:​/​/​www.​myspace.​com/​ttk2007

-Handful Of Hate merchandise model http:​/​/​www.​myspace.​com/​ handfulofhate

-Funeral Coma merchandise model  http:​/​/​www.​ myspace.​com/​funeralcoma
-More to come soon...
And i will be modeling for Little Shop Horror, Modeling Orange Sugar Scrub
Sites i model for:
-Gorgeous Freaks (I am one of the Owners)
-Brutal Hotties
-Grave Girls
- The Bloody Vixens
- Deadly Creations
- Demonia Vixens
- Morbidly Divine Modeling
- Beautys Bitches
- Metal Mistresses
- Neo Noir Models
- Mystical Masquerades
- Thrash Metal Bitches
- Intense Beauties
-Iηfιηιtε Zεяø Møđεℓιηg
-Unforgiven Beauties
- Magical Dark Beauty Modeling
- Reaper Girls
My Links:
-Vampire Freaks:
My Official Site:
My Web Design Site:
NOTE: Now i am available to work with any band or magazine, ezine, etc.
So contact me in myspace or you can check my site to see my workAnd if you need any graphics visit my other design site, we have good services


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