Andreas Gross - Stone Thrower

Andreas Gross - Stone Thrower
Andreas Gross
Stone Thrower

Andreas Gross is a band with quite a history and several releases on their credit. This year, they released an EP, logically seen as the harbinger of the full – length to follow.

The album’s first track overruns one with melody, taking him/ her to mysterious places, with the synths being prevalent and the female vocals tranquilizing the listener as if they were a musical pill. On with the second composition, entitled “1847”. This one features several guitars/ +samples experimentations, however, the emotions is changeless and the female vocals shoulder the weight in whole yet again. The male vocals’ touch dissatisfies no one and in no case does the song as a whole; besides, one should experiment at times. “At the Edge” follows and restores the listener, an astonishing, balanced instrumental composition, with a musical color and a travelling mood; the band’s indie influences also surface. Next, “False Prophets” is a song harmonically combining pessimism with romanticism, featuring sidelong glances to a gothic rock sound, a great one. Now, I actually have yet to understand why the next two songs are remixes of the album’s two opening tracks. I will overcome this, for I have not comprehended the reason justifying their being included in this EP, even if they are a bit more up tempo and slightly being differentiated from the originals. Thankfully, “Relief” comes with an actual relief, after the unwise remixes. As for this one, the indie characteristics are now prominent in an extremely balanced song presenting a cooling aura which takes the listener to the good times of the 90’s indie rock scene, without the melancholy or the exorbitant calmness offered by the female singing being absent.
A tempting EP for the gothic/ indie genre’s friends, full of color, equilibrium, psychic peace and the inspiring female performance on vocals extracting a both fresh, yet pessimistic aura. I repeat that the two remixes were unsuccessful the least, as all bands have a bunch of 50 or some ideas on how a composition should sound, but end to choose the one that truly expresses them. And this is why the grade is for the original ones exclusively.

Stone Thrower
At The Edge
False Prophets
plus 2 remixes

8,5/10 Kostas Sotiriou

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