Arkovlies - Arkovlies

Arkovlies - Arkovlies
Self Released

It’s really amazing what devotion can do to a musician, showing that age is really not an obstacle in order to achieve something at least considerable in the local music scene.

The pefect way to exemplify this fact is to simply listen to the new, self-titled Arkovlies EP that came out not too long ago. This four track opus consists of some 23’ minutes of sheer heaviness, jazz influenced freak-outs, filtered with a progressive aesthetic that runs entirely in every song, as they are on their way of perfecting their mix of death metal.

‘Life Deceiving’ is the opening track on the album. A nice moody intro with a leading bass melody is quickly interrupted by the beastly vocals of George Cherouvim as the song transcends into a heavy yet melodic sequence. The lead guitar is always balancing the ferocious riffs with doses of slow, melancholic melodies, and so does here while the instrumental section is building up to an astonishing arpeggio segue that’s completing the epic outro of the song. Every riff on the EP comes thundering, enriched by abrupt transitions of either softer and melodious clean guitar passages which are certainly punctuating some heavier moments or dynamic solo sections for example in ‘This Rotten Portrait’, which happens rather unexpectedly and in a non-fitting way, I have to admit. The piano is tenaciously distinguishable in every song giving that atmospheric feel that is essential to albums like that, responsible for filling any gap as well as maintainig the right mood of each song. Third track is ‘Alone’ and is definately one of the highlights of this mini-album. The song comes crushing from the very first moment with its abrasive heavy sections but it’s the chorus featuring menacing yet somewhat catchy vocal deliveries that will raise some eyebrows. The beatdowns on this song are massive, followed by a quick solo section until the chorus comes again.

George Constantinou, whose bass is distrinctively present throughout the whole album, is also given a short solo spot here as well, a proper example on how the bass guitar should be approached as an instrument, being as equally present as the guitar and  not just adding to the low end frequencies. ‘Those Eyes Speaking’ is the final song, and it’s definately the most progressive one of the bunch, with a beautiful instrumental section is developing for quite some time, the blend of clean guitar passages and brutal vocals on this track certainly seems to widen the gap between the extremes of each territory and pull them together neatly. Apart from George Constantinou’s ripping bass, a honourable mention also goes to Defkalion Dimos’ exceptional drumming, which is confident yet modest, full of odd-time signature double bass segments and a plethora of technical outburst thrown only when they are really needed.

In short, Arkovlies has proven with this EP that they're definately not being a one dimensional death metal band as they try to throw multiple genres in their mix of progressive death metal. The result is of course rewarding, considering this is mainly a promotional EP and if they continue to progress like that it is glaringly obvious that they are ceratinly up for some great things in the future.

Standout tracks: Life Deceiving, Alone

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1. Life Deceiving
2. This Rotten Portait
3. Alone
4. Those Eyes Speaking

7,5/10  Lefteris K.

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