Arsine Tibe - Good Evening,The Mountain Said

Arsine Tibe - Good Evening,The Mountain Said
Arsine Tibe
Good Evening, The Mountain Said

This enigmatically titled release is,in fact, Arsine Tibe's second full length album. Unfortunately,I was not previously informed of this project.
A sad fact, since this album simply dwelves in inspiration, of all kinds. A few info needed here: Arsine Tibe is the brainchild of Manfred Thomaser, who performs/plays most instruments herein, providing some vocal duties, as well. On this effort, he is joined by Seyhan and Tania Murray on vocals,not forgetting Alex Braun,who is responsible for some vocals along with some instruments to add to the bill.This project focuses on constructing a unique branch of trippy,mellow,lounge electronica.To continue this game of terms,I'd say that the most fitting title here would simply be lounge noir.In my mind,this term gives full justice to this project,attributing all of its qualities.That said,this is not some kind of sofa lounge,neither is it boring shopping mall muzak at all.

The compositions focus on a tender,warm interaction of spacey bleeps,keyboards on the edge of melancholia and a rhythm section that trully equals greatness.Such is the case with the 2 songs that open this album:"Light" welcomes the listener into a mid-tempo delirium,a world where Tania Murray's vocals really capture all attention,in through which all instruments sound as a harmonical equilibrium,forming a lustrous,fading soundscape.."Darkness" logically follows,providing an ethereal base,magnetically touched by Tania's wonderful voice,again.This time around,she is joined by a male singer as well.Obviously,these two pieces absorb into one other,in a rather abstract,conceptual manner."Dawn At Night"instantly grasps my attention,with its vivid rhythm section:while generally I am not a friend of any kind of virtuosite,I need to admit that these bass lines are among the best ones that I have ever heard,bringing to mind Porcupine Tree's perfect bass excursions.And that is not a mere observation-the bass playing is almost perfect for the whole duration of this album,providing a solid base,muchly needed for this type of music,in order to unfold its qualities.Arsine Tibe manages to avoid the usual lounge-related stereotypes,resulting in an album that never gets boring-instead,retaining its freshness at all counts,from beginning to end.I should certainly mention the Alpine-style artwork,that caught my attention initially:at first I thought that it was very a very strange choice on behalf of this band.

Yet,after some repeated listens,i think that these images reflect the album's inner calmness and peaceful atmospheres.Moreover,since this is pre-dominantly night-ladden music,I would say that it stimulates my senses,creating a state of nocturnal euphoria-a phenomenon of haze,that would unveil/manifest itself even better,as a companion to a late night joint..




3)In My Room At Night

4)Dawn At Night

5)Maximum Boy

6)Death Of A Cube

7)Labeled Models

8)Skyline-Deep And Dead

9)At The Gates

10)Monumental Movement

8/10         Isabelle S.

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