Attrition- Ephemera

Attrition- Ephemera
Two Gods

“Ephemera”, or the album would be more accurately titled ‘Welcome to the strange world of Martin Bowes!’.

This strange piece of art consists of five 10-minute abstract epics, in the format of a concept album, that were originally recorded on location at the Cage, in Coventry, from March to December 1993. The album was originally released on Hyperium Records, back in 1995. Bowes is actually behind everything, and musically speaking, there’s no more suitable remark to this one, apart from Bowes’ point of view: “ Incidental music is an ongoing series of ambient/soundscape works. Between a whisper…and a rage…”.  

“Ephemera” applies mostly to patient listeners, because this one is a hell of a growner, which reveals its hidden treasures listen after listen. The query that emerges is if there are still such listeners out there, who are ready to take the ride/ dive into the nightmarish kingdom of Attrition…   


7/10   Christos Doukakis

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